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Resistance Poetry Verse as Commentary 4,611
The Dharma Dispatch Annexe India. Cultural Chronicles. Classicism. Traditional Values. Literature. Cinema. Media Critique. Political Commentary. 695
Machine Learning Intuition Very intuitive introduction to concepts of machine learning as well as commentaries. We aim to provide series of posts describing a concept or a task in machine learning/deep learning as well as posts about news and commentaries on recent development in the field of A.I. 153
Convershaken Shake up your conversation with commentary and analysis of the biggest news stories 20
Political Engagement Political commentary in support of a sane and progressive vision for America and to encourage effective mobilization for political and social change. 8
St. Ambrose Press Commentary on Church and Culture 7
Monash Lens Credible, compelling story-telling and opinion from the University’s academics and researchers whose work is positively changing the world. 2