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Serious Scrum Content by and for Scrum Practitioners. 11,723
Food for Agile Thought Best posts from last week on agile and lean methodologies, Scrum and product management. Manually curated, no robots involved. 6,081
The Liberators The Liberators: Unleash The Superpowers Of Your Team 3,951
Enspiral Tales Stories from a bold experiment - creating a collaborative network that helps people do meaningful work. 3,231
Columbus’ Egg Lateral thoughts on product strategy, coaching, and negotiation 1,514
Beaker & Flint Thoughts, resources, insights and updates from our team of passionate Experience Designers, Product Managers and Agile Coaches. 1,510
Government Digital Services, Singapore Be Happy, Be Awesome! We deliver high-quality digital services to citizens and businesses in Singapore 😊 1,364
The Slowdown Brought to you by Slalom, The Slowdown is dedicated to exploring diversity and imagining a more inclusive, sustainable future. With each article, we invite you to pause and consider a new perspective that might change the way you see the world. 1,012
XING Engineering Stories about building a social network 851
LeadingAgile Field Notes The latest thinking from the field as we guide our clients through agile transformation. 556
innovative agile techniques and practices As an alternative to drawing a box and saying "everything inside is Agile," this collection is for anyone who is looking for techniques that inject spontaneity and fun, and encourage open sharing of perspectives. 498
Building The Agile Business Thoughts on organisational agility and digital transformation in support of the books ‘Building the Agile Business’ and ‘Agile Transformation’ (both Kogan Page) 496 The engineering behind iyzico, the sweet home for iyzicoders… 493
Klarna Engineering Klarna Engineering is a diverse team of engineers from pretty much every corner of the planet. We value collaboration, learning and sharing and this is one of the places we aim to do just that. Hope you enjoy what we have to share. 416
Organize Agile At Organize Agile we believe that organizations are ready for a new way of working. Agile organizations respond faster to market opportunities, delight their customers and keep learning by doing. 410