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Young Coder Insights into the .NET stack. Thought pieces about the craft of software development. Real advice for teaching kids to code. And a shot of humor. 6,306
Data Science at Microsoft Lessons learned in the practice of data science at Microsoft. 2,164
Microsoft Mobile Engineering #Mobile development articles and news brought to you by #MobileDevs working at @Microsoft 1,731
Factory Mind Factory Mind is a young and dynamic cooperative consisting of a team of passionate developers, with a kick for computer science, technology and innovation. The main goal of the cooperative is striving to become a center of excellence and a reference point for software development 1,240
Capgemini Microsoft Blog A place for Capgemini’s Microsoft team to share their experiences delivering cutting edge solutions for our clients using the latest Microsoft products. Follow us to keep up to date on trends, best practices, tips, revision guides and life in Capgemini’s Microsoft team. 619
inspiringbrilliance Writings from Sahaj Software focusing on complex problems without complicating the solutions. 241
DVT Software Engineering Making an impact in Software Engineering 225
GitBit Insight and ideas about Microsoft 365, Office 365, Windows, and Enterprise Mobility + Security 187
NIFTIT SharePoint Blog NIFTIT is a SharePoint design and development agency based in New York, Vietnam and Hong Kong. We build beautiful, data-driven web and mobile applications, and custom enterprise solutions. We help non-profits and business make smart decision 178
Hitachi Solutions Braintrust Knowledge from thought-leaders in data software, custom app, and machine learning. 137
Contosio Labs An almost real Microsoft customer 120
Wortell Microsoft Cloud & Enterprise Security 112
ruuh-ai Stories from the Ruuh team of her AI experiences, conversations, emotions, creativity & human encounters. 100
DotVVM DotVVM is an open source ASP.NET framework that lets you build line-of-business applications and SPAs without writing tons of JavaScript code. 39
MLEDGER Start your blockchain mission on Microsoft Azure 30