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Kiki Schirr

Growth Marketer at Former SF-techie, now wiser. Working remote from the mountains of Appalachia.

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How many professors does it take to change a lightbulb?

My brother, Stephen: “You know, I don’t mind it, but it feels like Mom and Dad just make a list of everything that’s broken around the…

My latest project: Rose-Colored Glances

One of the things that my 100 Rejections Collection experiment has pushed me to do is to apply for the SF Zine Fest, a local gathering of…

The Bootstrapping Blues

A Tech Doodles first: A 38-second video!

Does Verizon hate the poor — or is it just our entire society?

My friend Joi is a bleeding-heart artist. You know the type, the friend we all have who ends up nursing sick animals and remembers every…

I can’t get no (happiness?)…

Happiness, joy, euphoria, ecstasy — are all short-lived emotions. They’re the pinnacle, the highest highs.

So whatcha gonna DO about it?

That time I saw a need for something and ignored it for months

Should I be arguing with this person on the Internet?

A flowchart guide to staying sane on Facebook

Join our team, we have females!

Based on a true story


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