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Dilip Kola

IIT Kanpur | Ex-Amazon | Ex-AWS | Co-founder @Tensult

Sandeep Harikumar

Cloud Solutions Architect @ Tensult

Latest Posts

AWS: How to regain access to an EC2 instance after losing your SSH private key

In this article, I am going to explain to you about how you can recover lost SSH Key pair for an instance if it is EBS backed and for…

MyDumper, MyLoader and My Experience of Migrating to AWS RDS

How did we migrate large MySQL databases from 3 different DB servers of total size 1TB to a single AWS RDS instance using mydumper?

How to implement an Angular Material Dialog popup in Angular Application.

Now a days uses of Angular material design in Angular application is increasing rapidly. Angular Material gives you a nice inbuilt…

Pgbouncer Routing and Rewriting for PostgreSQL using Python.

Hi folks, in this blog, we are going to take a look into query routing and rewrite pgbouncer-rr setup for PostgreSQL using Python.

Introducing pgbouncer-rr for PostgreSQL

Have you ever wanted to split your database load across multiple servers or clusters without impacting the configuration or code of your…

AWS Redshift authentication with ADFS

Our business users are sending a lot of AdHoc queries to Redshift cluster and we want to know who executed what query on the cluster so…

How To Import Native Backup of An ORACLE Server Into RDS

Nowadays most of the people are transferring their physical server environment to Cloud to reduce administrative intervention and increase…

Fundamentals of AWS CloudFormation

In AWS, configuration and provisioning of any resource should be done either through CLI or Console. so by using these interfaces, you…

Network Error: Connection refused — AWS

Have you faced Fatal Error while accessing your AWS EC2 instances? What are the alternatives if the SSH access fails to the EC2 instance?

Automatic Log pushing From EC2 Instance to S3 bucket Using Lifecycle hook

Auto Scaling is one of the salient feature in AWS, and it will help us to scale in and scale down according to our needs. Once an auto…


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