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Steve Campbell

Marketing pro for hire. Aspiring disruptor. Got to spend 7 years in NYC hustling for @garyvee. Obsessed with where the world’s going. Creator of @theascentpub.

Melissa Berdine

Denver by way of NYC by way of DC. Avid cook, lake bum, activist, cold weather enthusiast.

The Ascent

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Latest Posts

No One Listens to the Quietly Successful Entrepreneur

Sorry, I’m not going to exaggerate my entrepreneurial journey.

I Stopped Working “For Exposure” and This is What Happened

If you’re in a creative field, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Someone wants you to create/design/write something, and they want…

The Best Way to Grow Is to Push Your Limits

“Just one thousand more words and I’ll let myself go to bed”, I told myself. I had to do whatever it took to make myself not get up and…

Stop Saying You Don’t Have Enough Time to Accomplish Your Goals

Here’s what the real problem is (and how to fix it)

My Foster Parenting Journey

Some of the surprising and touching lessons learned during 5 years as a foster parent.

I Couldn’t Change Motherhood, So I Let it Change Me.

My journey from perfectionist to realist as a new Mom

Uncertainty makes us feel alive

What do you feel when you start dating someone new?

The Kindness Movement Is Real.

There’s a movement sweeping the internet.


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