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Documenting the journeys of remarkable people to create a better blueprint for happiness and success.

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Steve Campbell

Pittsburgh guy living life a mile high. Formerly of NYC working for GaryVee. Founder of The Ascent, which doesn’t rhyme at all.

Melissa Berdine

Denver by way of NYC by way of DC. Avid cook, lake bum, activist, cold weather enthusiast.

The Ascent

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Latest Posts

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These mental-focus activities helped me reach a personal goal of writing 20,000 words in a week!

How Quitting Video-Games Improved My Life.

And the surprising discoveries I made afterward.

The crossroads of humanity — insanity or brilliance?

We have a choice, that needs to be made immediately, do we choose insanity or brilliance?

“Why Are You Comparing Yourself with Me?”

I can’t believe I said that.

The Realest Meaning Of Love You’ll Ever Read In This Lifetime.

The realization of what love is without the fluff.

Traveling Solo

I’m going to Ireland for 10 days in March. By myself. It’s called solo travel and apparently all the hippest middle aged moms are doing it…

Building a Truly Successful Personal Brand Takes Vulnerability

When people think of a Personal Brand, do you know what they think of?

A Love Letter to My Medium Peeps Part II

In a few months I’ll be well into my second year of writing for Medium. Last April, while I was here in Indonesia, I wrote an article of…

Why Being Your Best Self Matters for Our World

Your mental health, your presence and involvement where you are matter and make a difference.


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