F(o)unded by Atomic

Founding and funding great companies.

Riley Donelson

Design Director at @JoinAtomic • Working with Hims & Hers, Zenreach, Bungalow, Terminal, Paravision, and more

Chester Ng

Husband, dad, food, #ClipperNation, f(o)unding companies. Partner @ Atomic - we make hims, Bungalow, Terminal, TalkIQ (acquired), Zenreach, etc.

Jack Abraham

Founder/MP @ Atomic. Co-founder Milo (acq eBay), TalkIQ (acq), Hims, Bungalow, Homebound, Terminal +. Pinterest, Flatiron +20 angel. Thiel Fellowship Chairman.


Atomic is a fund that founds companies. We’re the creators of hims & hers, Bungalow, TalkIQ (acquired), Terminal, Zenreach, and more.

Jordan Kong

startup operator <> early-stage investor


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