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We’re the editing team behind The Bold Italic, an online magazine celebrating the free-wheeling spirit of San Francisco.

Tracey Ford

Director of Publisher Growth @Medium

Matt Charnock

"We find ourselves, and our shared humanity, through stories." SF transplant, coffee shop gypsy. iPhone hasn’t been off silent mode in seven or so years.

Latest Posts

This East Bay Mom Built a Thriving Food Business During Covid-19

Olive Tree Bakeshop is part of a trend towards diverse, innovative small-scale food entrepreneurship

In Tense Times, Sometimes You Just Need a Romp With the Chill Dude

He made me roll my eyes, but he was hot — and calm

We Asked Bay Area Locals What It Was Like to Get a Covid-19 Vaccine

‘It’s like a huge weight’s been lifted off my shoulders’

The Pandemic Allowed Me to Afford a Micro Apartment in San Francisco

‘You got your own tiny house—it’s just in a building’

Brace Yourself for an Even Worse Wildfire Season

It’s not looking good, folks

Living With Covid-19 on Both Sides of the Border

Two childhood friends, one in the U.S. and one in Mexico, reflect on their differences in quarantine

A Year in the making, Tartine Bakery Employees Have Voted to unionize

The final tally came 93–90 — in favor of unionizing

The Winner of the Pandemic: The Weed Industry

With record legal sales, California hit the $1 billion mark in cannabis tax revenue for 2020

On OnlyFans, Porn Is Personal

Entertainers are connecting with fans like never before


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