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We’re the editing team behind The Bold Italic, an online magazine celebrating the free-wheeling spirit of San Francisco.

Tracey Ford

Director of Publisher Growth @Medium

Matt Charnock

SF transplant, coffee shop frequent; tiny living enthusiast. iPhone hasn’t been off silent mode in nine or so years. Editor of The Bold Italic.

Latest Posts

5 San Francisco Rooftops to Visit for Dinner and Drinks

So… y’all want a dinner *and* a view?

There’s a New Green Apple Books Coming to the San Francisco International Airport

2024 will see the beloved SF bookstore set up a new shop at SFO’s Harvey Milk Terminal 1

Because of the Climate Crisis, Sequoias Are Being Covered in Pop-Tarts Wrappers

Examples of the biggest tree species in the world are having their trunks wrapped in aluminum foil—to protect them from forest fires

Abacá Is the Purple-Hued Ube Escapism San Francisco Needs

The brand-new eatery in Fisherman’s Wharf is a modern-day haven for Filipino cuisine

Annals of Emperors and Empresses of San Francisco: Alexis Miranda

Absolute Empress XXXIII Alexis Miranda, 1998–1999, shares ‘herstory’

My Stint As a Nude Model Taught Me That My Body Really Is My Choice

On stripping away layers to discover self-confidence

California’s Recall Election Cost $276 Million. Here’s Where Else That Money Could’ve Gone.

The GOP’s feeble attempt to take California’s governor office proved to be a costly bluff

A Woman Was Dragged to Death by Her Dog Leash on a BART Train

41-year-old Amy Adams of San Francisco was pronounced dead on the scene

Impossible Chicken Nuggets Debut at Gott’s Roadside

Deep-fried goodness—sans factory farming


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