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effective leadership, dumb mistakes, and whisky

Melissa Nightingale

editor of startup warrior since the first dotcom. partner @rawsignalgroup. top writer #management #leadership #startups

Johnathan Nightingale

Editor of Partner @rawsignalgroup. Board @creativecommons. Former CPO @Hubba, GM @Firefox. Dad. | It’s all made of people.

Latest Posts

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Why Canadian Exceptionalism Isn’t Helping

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On the subject of the well-intentioned CEO who doesn’t know any better

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For Messes They Did Not Create

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Tastes great, less filling

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Your management revolution and what it can do to your team

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The Role of Men in Preventing Harassment and Abuse in Tech

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Decency debt, how it accumulates, and how it gets called

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Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making a Senior Hire

Why Are We Still Talking About “A Players”?

It’s damaging your company to believe they even exist, never mind trying to hire them all


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