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I want to write the words I wish were written for me. For those dark moments I kept to myself and insisted on standing alone — even though I never really was.

Brian McFadden

Made in 85. I write about self-discovery & personal effectiveness using both sides of my brain. My work:

Alexandria Brown

You can find Alex writing about heartbreak, depression or love. Editor at The Creative Cafe. Work with me

Amy Clapp

Everyone has a story and I'm ready to share mine. And it will take volumes. There is a mass of disarray and chaos in my gray matter.

R.C. Langlands

Riley C Langlands is a student of Literature & Education. As a dweller of Queensland he enjoys thunderstorms, dirt against his feet, and nature documentaries.

Latest Posts

Drive Onward

Two people found their ways to each other, but the future seems bleak if not impossible, all because of a past accident…

We Can Wonder

The World Begins With Wonder

The Purple Shirt

On an inconspicuous whim I looked her up As I just happened to be passing Through the town that stayed the same.

Quiet Moments

A poem

Beach Dreams

A poem of longing

Why Do I Want to Be a Writer?*

(Don’t wait until you’re absolutely sure)

Creative Journey

A poem about creativity

The Door Between Us

A short-story about trauma and coping

Paying Homage to the Fallen Members of the Twenty- Seven Club

Retelling the stories of the once broken: Jones, Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison, Cobain, and Winehouse.

You Can’t Paint Your Life Without a Canvas.

Bringing fantasy into reality


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