The Development Set

Stories and conversations about global health and social impact.

Gabe Kleinman

father of daughters. portfolio services + marketing @obviousvc.

Sarika Bansal

Editor-in-chief of BRIGHT Magazine ( Lover of wit and hot sauce.

Keith H. Hammonds

President of the Solutions Journalism Network ( Formerly at Ashoka and Fast Company magazine.

The Development Set Editors

The Development Set publishes stories and conversations about global health and social impact. We ask: “What does it mean to do good?”

Abigail Higgins

BRIGHT Managing Editor, journalist in East Africa by way of Seattle

Helina Selemon

Research adjunct lecturer, health/science/multimedia journalist, @cunyjschool alum.

Latest Posts

The Development Set Is Now BRIGHT Magazine

Heads up for those of you aren’t in the know: we’ve morphed into BRIGHT Magazine! Catch us at for more of your favorite…

In Pakistan, A Frenzied Effort to Eradicate Polio

Only three countries in the world still suffer polio outbreaks. Pakistan’s inoculation campaign aims to get them off the list.

Here’s Who’s Celebrating the Death of Trumpcare: The Chronically Ill

I dare you to look into my clients’ eyes and tell them that the AHCA would have improved their quality of life.

Intimate Snapshots of a Syrian Family in America

The al-Haj Ali family entered the United States as refugees in 2015. Here’s a peek into their lives in Aurora, Illinois.

I Help Muslim Refugees Because I’m Christian

I believe it is the duty of Christians to help everyone live a dignified life.

Stop Labeling Do-Gooders As White Saviors

“I’ve met dozens of idealistic young people. By and large, they seem to be looking for meaning, which they may not be finding in the…

Marching Forward While Feeling Stuck

What kind of life makes the most difference—especially when you’re fresh out of college and lacking experience?

Battling Fat Trauma

“If anybody were truly concerned about fat, they would be working towards greater self-esteem and a strong sense of self for large people.”

Celebrating the Women Leading the Fight to Eradicate Polio

When I graduated from college, polio was paralyzing more than 1,000 children every day. But since 1988, when the member states of the World…

Can Fiery Activists Avoid Burnout?

Social media has completely disrupted what was left of nature’s ability to dominate the rhythms of human life — so an activist’s boundaries…


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