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Team Content Festember

Team Content for Festember is the official literary team of Festember, NIT Trichy’s inter college cultural festival.

Abhishek Ramachandran

Content Writer, Flexiple

Antony Terence

A witty wordsmith adept at myth.

Latest Posts

Talks by the Firelight 2.3: A Promising Future

Ashwat Prasanna, Kid Coder and Author

A Nod to the Odd

This is a new millennium.

Talks By The Firelight 2.2: Lighting The Way

Hasina Kharbhih, Founder, Impulse NGO Network

Disney — Frames to Fame

The early years of Walt Disney’s character conceptualization and eventual rise in popularity

Talks by the Firelight 2.1: Pixel-Perfect

Benjamin Su, Character Animator, Pixar

Warning: Adulthood Ahead

“Do not meddle with that box. That machine in your Daddy’s study.”

Amongst the Cosmos: The Big Bang

He distinctly remembered seeing those photos of stars, constellations, galaxies, what have you, in that one space encyclopedia book. The…

Erupt: Spider-Man: Far From Home — Movie Review

More Than Just A Blip On The Radar

Bullying: Classroom to Cyberspace

You Could Be At Either End


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