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If you want to share something about your writing journey, writing in general, lessons learned, or whatever else about writing, this is the place.


Author of 13 books on Amazon with more on the way. I want to help you write your book:

Ron Whitehead

Follower of Jesus — Husband — Father — Pastor

Scott Ninneman

Editor of Speaking Bipolar on Medium and author of You can thrive with mental illness. Links:

Ryan Miller

Ying & Yang | Happy. Positive. Tech Savvy. Writer. Leader. Magnetic Person. Living Human Being. Dreamer.

Judey Kalchik

I write the truth as I see it. Twice a Top Writer. Follow me to see my writing on your homepage, subscribe for free and get an email when new content appears!

Elisabete Gonçalves da Silva

Being happy is my motto. I love writing, please read and support:

EH Hong

Picture book writer, illustrator, mom, wife, crafter, nerd extraordinaire. I’m a wordy, nerdy, artsy mom.

Ranjit Rees-Sidhu

Autodidact specialising in learning from the teaching of others.

Jessica White

36 yr old disabled married woman. I love writing and love telling stories. I love writing disability topics and other miscellaneous topics as well.

Anthony V. Lombardo

Anthony V. Lombardo is a meditation artist, explorer of consciousness, and website consultant for Spiritual Entrepreneurs. Join the Tribe:

Sydel Brown

Writing about writing, sex, love, dating, relationships, and life with a twist of humor. Sometimes I bite. Can be NSFW. Buy me a coffee?

Crystal Mathews

Top Writer @Medium | 250k+ Views | ⚡Helping aspiring writers earn a living through writing about what they love⚡ →

Kayt Ludi

Author, poet, blogger. Content writer and proofreader for hire. Tea addict. Grad Student. Culture Junkie. @kaytludi

Adam Hillis

Crafting educational email courses for coach/creators || Coaching men to connect w/ their wife & kids, and themselves || I juggle marriage, kids, and words

Remi Roy

Writer. Entrepreneur. Host of The Driven Introvert Podcast.

Lucia Pan

Life-long learner / journey to ideal life -- Freelancing, Productivity and Lifestyle. You can work with me here:


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