Dotan Simha

Open-source developer, member of The Guild. http://github.com/dotansimha dotansimha@gmail.com

Kamil Kisiela

Open-source developer, member of The Guild. github.com/kamilkisiela kamil.kisiela@gmail.com


Founder of The Guild; Ex Core Dev at @apollographql & @meteorjs; https://github.com/urigo ; https://www.angular-meteor.com/; uri.goldshtein@gmail.com


JavaScript Enthusiast, member of The Guild https://github.com/ardatan

Eytan Manor

Eytan is a JavaScript artist who comes from the land of the Promise(). His hobbies are eating, sleeping; and open-source… He loves open-source.

Latest Posts

Optimizing Queries with the GraphQL Code Generator

How to get some of the benefits of the Relay compiler while using Apollo Client

Injectable services in React

How they’re implemented and their similarities with Angular services

GraphQL Codegen adds a new Apollo-Android and a new Java Backend plugins!

GraphQL Code Generator now Officially supports Android and Java

Manage Circular Imports Hell with GraphQL-Modules

Why we help stopping you from creating circular dependencies and how to write it the right way

How should you pin your npm dependencies and why?

Getting in-depth on making your application updated and safe

Stencil-Apollo — Stencil meets GraphQL

The stencil-apollo library has been open sourced and released!

<💅> Introducing a new encapsulation method for Styled-Components with Babel

TL;DR: Use private class names instead of a dedicated component. **experimental**

GraphQL Code Generator — Introducing Hooks support for React Apollo

Use and generate React Hooks with Apollo and Typescript with the new version of GraphQL Code Generator

Fully functional WhatsApp Clone using Angular, GraphQL, Apollo, TypeScript and PostgreSQL

An open-source full-stack example app made with Angular 7.2, TypeScript, GraphQL Subscriptions, GraphQL Code Generator, GraphQL Modules…


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