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Laurence McCahill

Co-founder The Happy Startup School. Building a global community of heart-shaped entrepreneurs and leaders, one event at a time.

Fiona Duffy

Chief Happiness Officer @spookstudio & @happystartups I tweet a lot about my cat and wacky nail polish. High fives all round.

Carlos Saba

Co–founder of The Happy Startup School. Lover of learning and using that learning to help others.

The Happy Startup School

Helping a new breed of entrepreneur to realise their dreams – budding entrepreneurs and startup founders that put happiness and people before profits.

Sophie Develyn

Writer and Contributor at the Happy Startup School.

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Imagine you’re looking at something through a lens, a camera, binoculars. At first, the image is a little bleary. Soft edged. Fuzzy. But…

Mindfulness, the power of inner work, and finding the purpose you’ve already got.

In this interview I chatted to mindfulness coach and leadership specialist Sally-Anne Airey, of Dream Valley — where our annual retreat…

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One of our many mantras at that Happy Startup School is to thingify your thoughts — turn your idea into a thing, a vision board, a blog…

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In this interview, Marcus Pibworth and I got round my kitchen table to talk about everything that’s changed for him in the last year…

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Running your own business is a rollercoaster ride of extreme emotions. Managing those emotions is just as important as developing the…

Getting outside your own head

What I learned from ‘The Hot Seat’ about finding meaningful work


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