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Captions for Pictures from Unsplash

For a quick dose of humor.

Notre Dame de Paris burned, the Mueller report was released, Flint got money to clean up their…

No articles mention what killed her and this annoys me no end. How am I going to spend endless hours on WebMD trying to decide if I have…

Embassy Cat Accuses Julian Assange of Neglect, Bad Grooming

Ecuadorian Embassy Cat, Wee Kiki’ Leeks (London Ecuadorian Embassy Kitty) recently instigated a successful eviction of his roommate…

Netflix Saved My Soul By Serving Up Monty Python

When I noticed Netflix had released the first four seasons of Monty Python’s Flying Circus along with their movie Life of Brian and a host…

Dear Mosquitoes of Southern Ontario,

Would You Kindly Piss Off Already?!

Inspirational Quotes From Your Well-Off Friends

You have to trust in fate, says the friend with a trust fund…

Mass Exodus from White House

Staff flees country ahead of Hurricane Drumpf

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Dave Grohl

Like cats and video game characters, Dave Grohl has more lives than you. It’s why he doesn’t stop the show for broken legs and has always…

Drumpf Sends Prayers for Notre Dame

Claims French Immigration policy to blame


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