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Close Encounters of the Meetup Kind

I was sitting outside my dilapidated little house, gloomily contemplating the bike locked to my carport when my sister called on WhatsApp.

The Medium writer who beat me at my own game.

He kicked my (en)titled ass.

How to Cope with the Grim Discovery that You Are a Huge Ding-Dong

We all do very, very stupid things sometimes, and that’s OK

The Danish-American War: Letters from the Front

September 23, 2019 —Camp Lejeune, NC

Our Next President Must Master the Slippery Stairs

Presidential election naysayers, rest easy. For I have discovered the quickest, fairest, most Russian hacker-immune method to elect our…

Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Announce That They Are Splitting After Six Years And Also That They…

Actors Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx ended their long term relationship this week, stunning a normally celebrity-savvy public who had no idea…

Drumpf Launches Pardon Spree

Pardons, promotions and commemorative stamps


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