The Interlude

Created by reporters sidelined by the pandemic, The Interlude is a new Medium publication covering everything from news and politics to lifestyle and culture.

Izzie Ramirez

Writing about climate, culture & comida wherever I go. Work in: GEN, Bitch Media, VICE, Jezebel, and then some. Medium’s resident Gen Z kid.

Maggie Chirdo

Aspiring caretaker of a haunted greenhouse. Co-EIC at The Interlude. Words in Entropy Magazine, Bitch Media, Texas Observer, NYU Local, and more.

Manahil Zafar

Tap tap tap! I’m a writer.

Téa Kvetenadze

“Ah, New York, the city of apples.”

Cameron Oakes

Journo in NYC by way of CLE. DM for Telegram/Signal/Protonmail and dramatic dialogues about rotisserie chicken.

Megi Meskhi

positively bedeviled with meetings et cetera

Jendayi Omowale

Josh Magpantay

21-year-old filmmaker, based out of New York City. Film and Television student at NYU Tisch. Creator of 24 fois la vérité.

Natasha Roy

Reporting on South Asians, education & whatever else you want me to. Work in NBC News, The Juggernaut, Inc. Magazine, etc. Email me:


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