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Stephen M. Tomic

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Mike Sturm

Working tirelessly to help you think like no one else. Author: “Be, Think, Do” Also Subscribe to my newsletter:

Latest Posts

mastering the art of breath

in the moment, there is nothing you can’t breathe life into

It had to be Wasps!

Victory comes in small packages

Teach Me a Lesson

growing up with SEL (spank ’em liberally)

The Deep Thinker

“I’m gonna get you, you little shit!” Beecher plodded off toward the showers, her white nursing shoes slapping angrily at the tile floor…

To my Daughter

a love letter

Repetition Keeps the Rhythm

Of the Beating Heart

Blood and Plasma

He huffs on all fours in the medical room, a little cup beneath his naked body…

Message in the Fire

a poem for the future

Scheherazade’s Revenge

They say on the one thousand and the first night, after a thousand tales, I told you I had no tales left to tell.


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