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The Long Now Foundation

Fostering long-term thinking through projects like the 10,000 year clock; Rosetta Disk; Revive & Restore; Seminars, videos, podcast .

Stewart Brand

Stewart Brand is president of The Long Now Foundation and co-founder of Revive & Restore

mikl em

I live in San Francisco and write, produce, act, & drink creatively. I believe in the long now, poetry, radio, people, & Cacophony (I am already a member)

Ahmed Kabil

Multimedia Storyteller. Editor, The @LongNow Foundation. Say hi:

Latest Posts

How to Build Something That Will Last 10,000 Years

“The idea is to create a provocation large enough in both scale and time that, when confronted by it, we have to engage our long-term…

Intellectual Dark Matter

Knowledge that we can show exists, but cannot directly access, rests at the foundations of society and technology.

Brian Eno’s Soundtrack for the Apollo 11 Moon Landing

50 years ago, the Apollo 11 moon landing was televised live to some 600 million viewers back on planet Earth. One of them was future Long…

Long-lived institutions

Lessons from six long-term thinkers on how to create organizations that last

What the Desert Teaches

A History of Land Art in the American West, Part III

Long Now Lessons From Notre Dame

There are reasons to be hopeful after the fire

This is How the Universe Ends

A new viral video takes on the big questions about the (very) distant future

Mountain Observatories and a Return to Environmental Long Science

The establishment of “Long Science” observatories in mountains offers a natural antidote to our default snapshot, tunnel-vision approach…

The Long Now Foundation and a Great Basin Mountain Observatory for Long Science

About 15 years ago, my work unexpectedly collided with mountain climate science research when the nonprofit organization I work for, The…


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