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Creating A Vision For Your Business

The Importance of Empathy In Leadership

As a leader, becoming empathetic is one of the biggest challenges you’ll ever face.

Take Your Presentation From Good To Impressive In 4 Steps

Here are a few steps you can take if you’re hoping to leave a lasting impression on your audience:

How To Write For Online Publications: 6 Things Most People Don’t Know

Whenever writers ask me how they can get published by major publications, the first thing I do is ask them this question:

The Crazier Life Gets, The More We Need To Look Within: 4 Inner Work Strategies

We’re going through a challenging time at my company.

I’ve Been Working Out 6–7 Days Per Week For 20 Years.

I don’t think of myself as an athlete. I don’t run marathons, and I’m not out there trying to score the winning goal.

Employees Are People, Too

Building and Supporting a Team That Lasts

What Questions To Ask The People Who Report To You

A list of things CEOs can cover in one-on-one meetings with their managers, and some gentle ways to open up the discussion

5 Skills You Need To Become A Marketing Expert (From A Serial Marketing Entrepreneur) — Minutes —…

If you can market your product better than the next person, you’re going to be more successful. Plain and simple.

Why Flattery Is Never A Good Idea In Sales

People tend to see right through it — especially when you’re trying to sell them something.


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