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Latest Posts

Tesla to Cut 3,000 Jobs in Bid to Sell Model 3 to Mass Market

The reductions, which amount to 7 percent of Tesla’s work force, were necessary for the company to remain viable, Elon Musk wrote in an…

As Shutdown Drags On, Some Step Up to Help Unpaid Federal Workers

Restaurants have fed them without charge. Banks have suspended late fees on their credit cards. And at airports, they’ve been offered hugs…

Microsoft Pledges $500 Million for Affordable Housing in Seattle Area

The move is the most ambitious effort yet by a tech company to fund construction for local teachers, firefighters and other middle- and…

Juul’s Convenient Smoke Screen

After making billions of dollars and joining forces with Big Tobacco, Juul is trying to reinvent itself as a public-health crusader

The Race to Create the Coolest Smart Home Devices Is Hotter Than Ever

Tech giants and startups alike are rolling out innovative IoT and artificial intelligence-enabled devices at a breathtaking pace — the…

PG&E, California Utility, Will File for Bankruptcy Over Deadly Fires

The utility’s equipment had been found to be responsible for many of the wildfire that killed scores in Northern California in 2017 and…

Who Is MacKenzie Bezos?

Her divorce from the Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has made this novelist, and her private life, a public fascination

How Companies Like Apple Sprinkle Secrets in Earnings Reports

Companies repeat themselves in dull earnings reports. But when they make many changes in the text from year to year, it often signals…

More Startups Have an Unfamiliar Message for Venture Capitalists: Get Lost

Frustrated with the reverse incentives of fast growth, founders are criticizing the investment model that built the tech industry as we…

Train Your Brain Like a Memory Champion

If you have trouble remembering names, faces or phone numbers, these tips from memory champions and neuroscientists can help


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