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Mikeal Rogers

Accurate predictions about things that already happened.

Tracy Hinds

@hackygolucky OSS diplomat | @nodejs + JS | Community behavior specialist | President. Fighting tiny revolutions. Inciting confidence one convo at a time.

Tierney Cyren

⬡.js — DevRel @Microsoft . @nodejs . @nodeschoolnyc . @tc39 . CommComm chairperson. Human clickbait. Stringly typed. honk. He/him. @raepkg ❤️. Opinions my


Node.js is a collaborative open source project dedicated to building and supporting the Node.js platform.

Vladimir de Turckheim

JS enthusiast, software engineer, world traveler. Proud sqreener ( Node.js evangelist.


Node.js Technical Steering Committee member

Felipe Andrés Torres Sepu

JS Engineer by choice, Educator at heart. I co-run @javascriptChile and @Noders — Make Development Great Again

David Fekke

I am a software engineer and commercial pilot in jacksonville, Fl

Myles Borins

@openjsf && @nodejs | developer 🥑 @gcpcloud | Torontonian at ❤️ | Opinions are potentially wrong, but definitely my own. | He / Him

Simon Renoult

Craftsman. Love Node.js, API and JavaScript. Work at OCTO Technology.

Jennifer Bland

Software Engineer. Google Developers Expert. Keynote Speaker. Entrepreneur. Mountain Climber. Neil Diamond fan. World traveler. &

Gautam Arora

Engineering Manager at Foursquare. Building, Managing & Scaling Big Data Pipelines.

Matteo Collina

Code Pirate. Ph.D. Student @ Unibo, Software Engineer @ Mavigex, and Conference Speaker.

Adam Miller

LinkedIn’s UI Framework Ringleader

Waleed Ashraf

Nodejs | FullStack Developer @caremerge | MEAN Stack | ❤ for open-source & bots | | | ⚽


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