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Mikeal Rogers

Accurate predictions about things that already happened.

Tracy Hinds

@hackygolucky OSS diplomat | @nodejs + JS | Community behavior specialist | President. Fighting tiny revolutions. Inciting confidence one convo at a time.

Tierney Cyren

⬡.js — DevRel @Microsoft . @nodejs . @nodeschoolnyc . @tc39 . CommComm chairperson. Human clickbait. Stringly typed. honk. He/him. @raepkg ❤️. Opinions my

Node.js Foundation

Node.js Foundation is a collaborative open source project dedicated to building and supporting the Node.js platform.

Vladimir de Turckheim

JS enthusiast, software engineer, world traveler. Proud sqreener ( Node.js evangelist.


Node.js Technical Steering Committee member

Felipe Andrés Torres Sepu

JS Engineer by choice, Educator at heart. I co-run @javascriptChile and @Noders — Make Development Great Again

David Fekke

I am a software engineer and commercial pilot in jacksonville, Fl

Myles Borins

Artist, musician, developer, and maker / @nodejs TSC Director / developer advocate for @googlecloud / Opinions are potentially wrong, but definitely my own.

Simon Renoult

Craftsman. Love Node.js, API and JavaScript. Work at OCTO Technology.

Jennifer Bland

Software Engineer. Google Developers Expert. Keynote Speaker. Entrepreneur. Mountain Climber. Neil Diamond fan. World traveler. &

Gautam Arora

Engineering Manager at Foursquare. Building, Managing & Scaling Big Data Pipelines.

Matteo Collina

Code Pirate. Ph.D. Student @ Unibo, Software Engineer @ Mavigex, and Conference Speaker.

Adam Miller

LinkedIn’s UI Framework Ringleader

Waleed Ashraf

Nodejs | FullStack Developer @caremerge | MEAN Stack | ❤ for open-source & bots | | | ⚽


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