The old noob

How trying to do less made me do better. The blog of a 30 going on 40 guy wanting to learn how to code and make a better use of his time. Avatar by Catkuro:

Guillaume Grassiant

I love my wife, my parents, my friends, dogs, music, running, soccer, football, video games, travels, coding & digital products.

Latest Posts

*NoobAlert 3* React on Rails loves i18n❤

Being a noob has its perks: everything is new and fabulous. After finishing the bootcamp, I was super curious to know more about React…

*NoobAlert 2* | A few things I used for my first days on the new job

So I started a new job. Not only a new job but also a new career actually. Pretty cool, a bit scary of course, but I guess it keeps me on…

It all started with wanting to make coffee…

...or ‘yet another dude sharing his coding bootcamp experience ’.

The first day of the rest of my life

OMG! This one is going to be short (I heard you, Michael Scott). But today is my first day of coding bootcamp!

*NoobAlert* | JavaScript resources for this., callback functions and prototypes

Being a noob again, in any discipline, is a matter of wanting to achieve things for yourself, good timing, and very useful resources.

Sad panda is sad

Today was my last day as Managing Director and Product Manager with U92. I’m sad, of course. I am going to miss my team.

I Didn’t Want to Do More With My Time. I Wanted to Do Better.

This post is about my experience with Make Time and how it improved my routine (see “Routine does not mean boring”). Thanks to John…

Remember that leap of faith?

Well, I finally took it.

Routine does not mean boring.

Once you commit to an overarching goal, like learning how to code, you need to make time for it. And if you are a time-efficiency nerd like…


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