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Peter Ward

British New York-based journalist. Tech editor at Culture Trip. Co-Founder of The Omnivore.

Culture Trip

We inspire people to explore the world’s culture and creativity. Our vision is to bring the world to everyone and in doing so bring us all closer together .

Amber C. Snider

Brooklyn-based journalist. Former home & design editor @CultureTrip | MA in Liberal Studies/Women’s Studies | BA English/Creative Writing

Claire Lancaster

Thinking about the future. Tech and entrepreneurship editor at Culture Trip

Matt Janney

All things literary. UK books editor at Culture Trip

Latest Posts

Why Women are Embracing Their Wild, Witchy Selves

How modern-day urban witches and neopagans use magic, spellwork, and occult traditions as tools for self-empowerment.

Meet the Surfers That Helped Rebuild Rockaway

Mike Kololyan and Mike Reinhardt used their business, Locals Surf School, to help their hometown recover from Hurricane Sandy

The NFL Draft is Far From an Exact Science

Former NFL head coach John Fox provides an inside look into evaluating players, blocking out media hype, and draft day

Will Self-Cleaning, Purifying Facades Change the Future of Urban Architecture?

A new high-rise in West Soho uses a self-cleaning, purifying facade. But some are concerned with the potential long-term toxic effects.

Living in the Shadows of Seventies Tokyo

‘Territory of Light’ by Yuko Tsushima is a quietly unsettling account of a single mother’s battle against depression.

Albert Kahn’s Journey to Become the Architect of Detroit

The Prussian-born architect revolutionized the way some structures were built.

Using Technology to Protect the Great Barrier Reef

One of the world’s greatest natural phenomenons is under constant attack by conditions brought on by climate change.

Keeping Lenin’s Corpse Pristine

What is the upkeep required for the former leader of the Soviet Union’s body?

Sculpting the Weird and Wonderful Human Form

Step right up — you are cordially invited to gawk, gaze and recoil at a wealth of bodies, both alluring and grotesque.

This Group is Encouraging More Girls to Play Video Games

Smash Sisters hopes to increase awareness and create a comfortable environment by having side events at larger tournaments


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