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B. Michael Logan

Healthcare professional moonlighting as a freelance comedy writer, poet, and debuting horror author. Please support my upcoming book:

Jun Wu

Single Mom Writer, Technologist, Poet: Tech, AI, Data Science, Psych, Parenting, Edu, Life, Work,Poetry etc. Find Me:

Kat Kou

“Beneath the makeup and behind the smile, I am just a girl who wishes for the world.”

Kyrie Gray

Freelancer, comedian, and coffee drinker. Writing nerdy humor, practical advice, satire, and stories. Also draws comics sometimes.

Sherry McGuinn

Long-time writer and big-time dreamer. Screenwriter. Cat mama. Red lip aficionado.

Elle Fredine

West-Coaster, born and bred; northerner at heart; writing online since 2008; I have green eyes and I love coffee.

Robin Klammer

PROUD CDN. Humor, poetry, and the written word will forever touch our souls. Avid people watcher. Quirky and analytical to a fault.I wear my heart on my sleeve.

Estacious(Charles White)

I write about a little of everything. I am an award-winning playwright. I teach incarcerated children to fulfill their potential to write a better life.

Kristi Keller

Write like no one is reading, because it might be true. Published travel writer in a previous life. Writer of everything else in a current life.

Leanne Kathleen Daniele

Humorist and absurditarian. Writer-artist-crafter-multi-hyphenate-creative. Blog: Sign-Up:

Sigourney Humus

Parent of Three Medically Fragile Kids, Living in Chaos and Embracing Adventure. Writing about Parenting, Feminism, Future, Tech, Health, Equality and Culture.

Michelle Monet

Writer. Musician. Seeker. Writing showbiz survival Memoir, daily essays on Medium and Broadway style musical in between spoiling 4 cats.

Michael Shook

Plain-spoken writer with strong opinions. Sees the world differently and writes about it that way.

Donna Barker

Career technical writer. Published author. Exploring topics we don’t like to talk about in polite company. Top Writer.

Gretchen Lee Bourquin

I’m a MN writer battling my demons & learning to celebrate angels. Follow at or

Nikki Kay

Teacher. Learner. Mom. Storyteller. Idealist. Dog person. Writing all over the Venn diagram of parenting, mental health, self, and humor.

Maggie Lupin

book reviewer & mental health blogger | bumbling writer | wine drinker | animal advocate | cupcake connoisseur | hopeful cynic

Zita Fontaine

Writer. Dreamer. Believer. In love with words. I write about love and life and sex and laughs and sadness.

Gillian Sisley

Online solopreneur. Tea drinker. Committed optimist. Lover of GIFs. I write about womanhood, writing & entrepreneurship, & craft dainty little poetic ditties ✌

Mary Wise

Poetry and personal stories from past lives. Writer, editor, teacher, photographer, and RN. I live in PA with my husband and two children.

Emily Stroia

Self-help writer and trauma survivor. I am passionate about healing and telling our stories. I made you this:

Victor Wisdom

writer and ardent reader on Medium.

Hank Eng

I am retired from the Aerospace Industry. I write mostly Satire, Humor, and Funny stories about the absurd things in life.

Nikki Tate

Author, creativity coach, storyteller exploring the world, living the dream. Nikki Tate Loves Books Fbook

Beth Romero

bisexual intersectional feminist. psychology student. mental health advocate. she/her.

Zoe Day

Writer, artist, poet at heart; photography always #NoFilterNoEdits; credo: Nature is our first & best teacher

Rebecca Grant

Writer. Teacher. Car-singing American mother of boys living in the UK. Learning right along with my children @

Christina Ward 🌼

:::i paint with words:::

Natalie Frank, Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology)

I write about behavioral health & other topics. I’m Managing Editor (Serials, Novellas) for LVP Press. See my other articles:

Zulie Rane

Lover of writing, mother of cats. Prone to trying out self-help hacks. She/her. Get my 4-day Medium course via email:

David Price

I’m a longtime painter who is starting to write about my life, my thoughts and our disappearing world.

Jessica Archuleta

Lover of words & beauty |Passionate about cooking and culture |📚 hoarder |Homeschooler |Psychology Nerd |INFJ |Happy wife, & mama to 5 daughters & 5 sons ❤

Shelly McIntosh

Living my best life as an empty nester. I write of personal experiences, aging, curate my ongoing dialog with my cats, and cover other miscellaneous topics.

Cheney Meaghan

Writer mom. I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m doing it anyway. Sign up for my Newsletter:

Andrew Knott

Writer, humorist, dad of three. Writing for Washington Post, McSweeney’s, Weekly Humorist, and more. Fatherhood Book:

Melanie Cossey

Writer of gothic horror, history, poetry, short fiction and web content. Professional freelance editor at

Athirah Syamimi

Writing my way to the top while living my life to the fullest. Want to work together? Hit me up on twitter:

Edith Tollschein

I Like It Here…..

Cheridan Smith

Wanderer, lover, yogi, memory taker, music fanatic, and writer. Follow my publication: Roarings of a Lioness

Anna Rozwadowska

Top Writer in Poetry, editor of Literally Literary. I am a writer, photographer, psychic, medium, and spiritual guide.I have an M.A. in Environmental Sociology.

Daphelba DeBeauvoir

…in search of dread secrets with which to weave tales….. ……Dark & Strange Fiction Editor, Creative Collaborator, Advocate for survivors of abuse.

Gillian May

Former nurse turned writer. Healing trauma roots, sitting in the shadow, loving the broken parts. Also, I’m an awesome health educator! She/her.

Bel Perez

Game changer. Anti-fraud strategist. Fascinated by human behaviour. Challenges are just a matter of perspective. Find me on The Ascent, The Glossary & more.

Ryan Fan

Teacher, Christian, and 2:40 marathon runner. Diehard fan of “The Wire,” God’s gift to the Earth and the best show of all time. Emory University grad.

Chelsea Marie

Writer, poet, dreamer, wanderer, nerd. We live our lives chasing dreams. Now let's make them come true.

Holly Slater

Writer and editor. Curious creature, pursuer of passion, unbeliever in limiting or lengthy bios.

Leslie Wibberley

Award winning writer of words: narrative nonfiction, short stories & novels—horror, magical realism, romance, speculative fiction—woman’s fiction & young adult.

Bebe Nicholson

Writer, editor, publisher, journalist, author, columnist, believer in enjoying my journey and helping other people enjoy theirs.

Ariel Lee

A writer offering the gift of the extraordinary in a world of mundane. Urban fantasy author and poetry writer.

Sam Kimberle

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change” -Albert Einstein 💗 Top writer in poetry. Instagram: @thewayisamblog

Guérin Asante

writer | poet | painter | photographer | sentient rainbow | 🏳️‍🌈 | ATL & all points skyward

Zach J. Watson

Formerly @MrWatsonSir. Hat preference: flat caps. Goofball. Cannot do a handstand.

Nwankwo Justin

Writer. Ghostwriter. Genius, Productivity and creativity. Contact:

Sean Youra

Engineer by day, writer by night | Passionate about technology and protecting our environment

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