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Kyrie Gray

Writer of humor, spooky things, and history. Subscribe to my newsletter, Guffaw, for updates, musings and more fun stuff:

Sherry McGuinn

Long-time writer and big-time dreamer. Screenwriter. Cat mama. Red lip aficionado.

Estacious(Charles White)

I am a southern writer and teacher living in the midwest. I focus on education, poetry, and fiction. I am an award-winning playwright.

Sigourney Humus

Parent of Three Medically Fragile Kids and Trans AF.

Michelle Monet

Musician. Author. Poet. Seeker. Currently writing showbiz memoir and Broadway style Musical. Contact me at

Michael Shook

Plainspoken. Plain thinking. Pragmatically positive. Inclusive. Millions of words written.

Gretchen Lee Bourquin

I’m a MN writer battling my demons & learning to celebrate angels.

Nikki Kay

Words everywhere. Fiction, poetry, personal essays about parenting, mental health, and the intersection of the two. Check out my column at Invisible Illness.

Carolyn Light

In a nutshell: mental health, human rights, animal welfare. Contact me: Support me:

Gillian Sisley

Professional online writer. Tea drinker. Committed optimist. Writing about life, relationships, & travelling the world for 1 year!✈️🌍

Mary Wise (she/her)

Poetry and personal stories of past lives and paths forward. Writer, editor, teacher, photographer, and RN. I live in PA with my two children.

Emily Stroia

Psych therapist in training. I write about mental health, trauma, well-being, and spirituality. Stay for a while.

Victor Wisdom

I'm quite the fallible stereotype. I strongly believe that perfection is an illusion. I easily get drawn to words. And I write to express and to learn

Nikki Tate

Author, creativity coach, storyteller exploring the world living the dream! Join the writing group:

Zoe Day

Writer, artist, poet at heart; photography always #NoFilterNoEdits; credo: Nature is our first & best teacher

Becky Grant

Coffee-loving, car singing elementary school teacher and mother of boys. Screenstrong Ambassador and parenting blogger.

Christina M. Ward

Writing in health, wellness, cannabis, relationships. Contributor — LA Weekly, OK! mag, Today’s Health Sciences. Content writer — Vegamour, cbdMD, Asé.

Natalie Frank, Ph.D.

I write about behavioral health & other topics. I’m Managing Editor (Serials, Novellas) for LVP Press. See my other articles:

Zulie Rane

Content creator, cat mom, 6-figure entrepreneur. She/her. Get 2x weekly emails on how to make money writing online:

David Price

I write about creativity, loving, language learning and psycho/spirituality. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

Shelly McIntosh

Writes about life and relationships. Cats feature prominently in her satire pieces.

Cheney Meaghan

Writer mom. I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m doing it anyway.

Melanie Cossey

Writer of gothic horror, history, poetry, short fiction and web content. Professional freelance editor at

Edith Tollschein

I Like It Here…..

Cheridan Smith

Wanderer, lover, yogi, memory taker, music fanatic, and writer. Follow my publication: Roarings of a Lioness

Anna Rozwadowska

Owner, Editor of Storymaker, Hallow Literary. Top Writer in Poetry. A writer, photographer, psychic, medium, and spiritual guide. M.A., Ph.D.


…in search of dread secrets with which to weave tales. Dark & Strange Fiction Editor, Creative Collaborator, Advocate for survivors of abuse.

Gillian May

Former nurse turned writer — empowering change. Let’s talk about mental health, addictions, trauma, and wellness. Join Medium:

Bel Perez

Game changer. Anti-fraud strategist. Fascinated by human behaviour. Challenges are just a matter of perspective. Find me on The Ascent, The Glossary & more.

Ryan Fan

Believer, Baltimore City IEP Chair, and 2:39 marathon runner. Diehard fan of “The Wire.” Support me by becoming a Medium member:

Chelsea Marie

Writer, poet, dreamer, wanderer, nerd. Follow me for writing prompts and challenges ✍️

Leslie Wibberley

Proud mama/happy wife Storyteller, finding magic in the everyday world. Repped by the extraordinary Naomi Davis of Bookends Literary

Roshan Daryanani

It’s always time for dinner. Or a pre-dinner snack

Bebe Nicholson

Writer, editor, publisher, journalist, author, columnist, believer in enjoying my journey and helping other people enjoy theirs.

Ariel Lee

A writer offering the gift of the extraordinary in a world of mundane. Urban fantasy author and poetry writer.

Zach J. Watson

Moonlighting as an intern for a condiment bottle.

Nwankwo Justin

Justin; A Freelance & Ghostwriter, Storyteller. Historian. Genius, Productivity and Creativity. Contact@:

HS Burney

Currently writing about whatever strikes my fancy whenever

Zarina Dara 🥀💃🏻

sneaking poetry into the corners of the day, and telling stories to myself in grasp of sanity.

Jenny Justice

Poet | Mom | Sociologist | Author | Brings Poetry to life with empathy, connection, joy, justice, and feeling. Poetry Fangirl ❤POM Poet❤

Alfie Jane

Forever Middle Child writing what she sees.

Brianna Bennett

she/her, they/them; I have three degrees in writing on my wall and two published books. It's time to show the world what I'm made of.

Kari Watterson

Mindset Coach. Podcaster. | When we understand the science behind our thoughts & feelings, we have the ability to change our lives. Instagram: @_thisonelife

Stephen Sovie

A liberal retiree who loves writing about politics, social issues, my pets and my life experiences.

Greg Prince

Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.

Michelle Marie Warner

Eclectic storyteller with a plethora of passions. LGBTQIA+ single mama, musically talented, nature lover, and sensitive AF. She/her.

J.D. Armstrong

Writer. Single dad. I'm like an onion, cut me & I'll make you cry.... wait... I meant many layers. But also the make you cry part.

James Garside

Journalist, author, and travel writer. I help writers and artists to do their best work. Follow me to learn how to succeed as a creative.

Cécile Mursin

I write about productivity, life, decision making, inspirations and psychology.

Donna L Roberts, PhD (Psych Pstuff)

Writer and university professor researching media psych, generational studies, human and animal rights, and the intersection of art and psychology

Steven Jones

“Things I didn’t know at first, I learnt by doing twice” — Billy Joel, ‘The Entertainer’

Linda Caroll

Everything is storytelling. I’m at I write about writing, marketing & Medium at

Christopher OLDCORN

A writer curious about the world. Published over 300 stories in 50+ publications.

Mark Malekela

Lawyer, with interest in ICT Law, International Commercial Arbitration • Writer ✍ • Potrait Photographer • 🇹🇿

Crystal Jackson

Former therapist. Author, Heart of Madison series. Poet.

Marla J. Albertie

Life, Career, & Executive Coach. Life-Harmonizing Strategist. Blogger. Author. Want harmony in your life? Go here:

Amber Radcliffe

Writer interested in love, self, creativity, and chocolate.

John Tuttle

Journalist and creative. Words @ The Hill, Submittable, The Millions, Tablet Magazine, GMP, University Bookman, Prehistoric Times:

Pat Smith

Questioner, Opinionated, Holistic Health Teacher, Creative Writer, Content Creator, Author, loves justice, fair play good food and cats.

Barb McMahon

I’m a post-menopausal woman living with Inflammatory Arthritis. And a bunch of plants. support my work at:

C. M. Barrett

Friend of dragons, cats, and other troublemakers. Author of the series, A Dragon’s Guide to Destiny and Dystopia in Drag. Visit

Sam Kimberle

Perpetual student, searching for my ikigai. I am an Artist in artistic recovery care of Julia Cameron. Top writer in poetry. ❤️POM-Poet!❤️

Jenna Britton

I write essays about bravery, being, becoming through the lens of my own life. Sign up to hear from me every Sunday: 💌

Heather L Huffman

Lover of reading and writing. Instagram & Facebook: Author Heather L Huffman POM- Poet💙 Newsletter:

Jasper Thorne

Short stories from the dark side :)

Gwenna Laithland

Blogger & Content Creator |

Jim Woods

I help small businesses, writers, and non-profit organizations repurpose their content and create books. Contact me:

Tammy Breitweiser

Writer, Reader, Educator, Coach

Nicole Rivera

I’m a writer, podcaster, and mom from Staten Island, NY. Find my latest episodes at or join the Stop Writing Alone community on FB

Madison Moore

A 33-year-old writer with a lifetime of stories about mental health, gender inequality and an incurable obsession with cats.

Helen Cassidy Page

Writer, editor, researcher, aging expert, life coach, sand tray coach. Read one of my 55 titles on Amazon:

Susie Taylor

Mom, crafter, proofreader, copyeditor, and writer with more experience than you can shake a stick at.

Eric Swanson

Dedicated challenger of the status quo | Coffee enthusiast | Left-Handed, RIght-Minded |

Laura Belle

I’m that Southern girl with a book in her hands, dogs by her side, and a green thumb itching to play in the dirt.

Heidi Franklin

Pacific Northwest writer, adventurer, and enthusiastic epicurean. Buy me a coffee: ☕️

Sandy Bishop

Sandy is a freelance writer from Canada. She’s all about empowerment & humour. Her hobbies include saying sorry & trying not to freeze to death in the winter.

Laurie Livingston Nave

The downhill trip is more fun than the uphill. A 50+ year old mother, wife, nerd, musician and writer. Follow me at

Edward Anderson

Edward has written hundreds of acclaimed true crime articles and has won numerous awards for his short stories.

Peter Sealy

Program management for technology transformations and complex projects.

Dawn Bevier

I am a teacher, thinker, learner, and writer. You can reach me at

Benny Lim

Medium writer since 2019. Currently writing my way to a better life, and helping you lead a better life, one article at a time.

Reuben Salsa

Taking the fun out of functionality.

Tapan Avasthi

Poetry and prose about life from the lens of an engineer. Buy me a coffee — 💗POM-poet!💗

Eilidh Horder

Just picking up pebbles and gazing out to sea.

Kathryn Dillon

Life’s a journey. Sometimes a peaceful hike in the woods, sometimes a screaming joyride down a dark highway. I’m on a quest to discover my truth by sharing it.

Rajesh Vairapandian

Top 10x writer. I write about life transformation articles, Join 10000+ amazing souls on my weekly newsletter:

Rhea Anglesey

Kiwi-Indian writer from NZ. I write Blogs|Personal Essays| MicroFiction. Educator & Lifelong learner|Aspiring Novelist. Find me at

Megan Tee

Writer, Aromantic, History Buff, Fiction Writer, ENTP, Eternal Optimist and a programmer by choice of study.

Jane Trombley

People change and so do profiles. A chronicler of life and a pan-curious traveler. Wiser than before and hopefully, maybe, a bit funnier.

Justine Reed

Divorced single mum ~ Gen-X business owner with an MBA I’m not using ~ Basically getting by on sarcasm and fumes


Amazed at how collection of few words can bring out something so beautiful

Sarah E Sturgis

I’m a writer who wants to get her content out there to share with people. Writing is my emotional outlet! ❤️POMPoet❤️, 2-time Top Writer in Poetry

Gina Gallois

Award-winning children’s author, autism mama, feminist pirate, over-thinker, lover of audiobooks, crochet addict. She/her.

Randle Moore

Mature adult, active professional life in education, an observer of people, reflective on life, and somewhat knowledgeable about retirement.

Remington Write

Writing because I can’t not write.

Brian Kurian

Youtube Channel: Email list:

Heather R. Parker

Freelance content writer, poet, mental health advocate, and chronic illness warrior. I dream of endless summers. Instagram: @heather_r_parker

Anna L. Shtorm

My poetry is digital sorrow wrapped in overdressed rhymes. | Friends over Lovers is my debut poetry book available on →

Darshak Rana

✦24 X Medium Top Writer ✦ Thinker. Spiritual. Pacifist. Engineer. Reader.✦

Deborah Harmes

Writer, Editor, Researcher, Photographer. Deborah Harmes, Ph.D. Australian citizen, EU resident, chronic insomniac, writing in British-English.

Steve B Howard NOVELIST

Atheist. Spewer of sometimes interesting and entertaining gibberish.

Nikki H. Rose

Most people use writing to escape their minds. I use it to meet mine. | Writer ~ Reader ~ Teacher ~ Fighter of Invisible Illnesses

Tasha Lane

Avid reader & writer. Chronic illness sufferer. Social anxiety & depression. I write stories about my life.

Kati Pierce

Boy Mom, Relationship, Travel, Work, and Humorist Writer | Entrepreneur | Ops Specialist | Grandma

Brian Rowe

Author / Teacher / MFA in Fiction. (

Anish Lamichhane, MD

Husband, Medical Doctor; Active on Health Awareness; Trying to unjargon the Medical Jargons; Poet; Writer;

Angela Welch

Multi-passionate mom of three. I write about personal development, mental health, relationships, and parenting.

Olivia Rojas

Content and Fiction Writer. Personal Blogger. Lover of Words.

Tracy Nguyen

Just a 21-year-old taking life day by day writing her thoughts out loud for the world to read.

Meg Stewart

Freelance writer & coach. Farm-girl at heart. Grammi of 10. Founder Freelance Ladder & Market Mondays. My posts contain affiliate links for resources I value.

Tamera Martens

Writer, Reader, Recovery Coach

Joseph Serwach

Story + Identity = Mission. Leadership Culture, Journalism, Branding Education. Inspiration: Catholic, Polish.

Meghan James

A lesbian twenty-something who loves to challenge mainstream thinking and beliefs. It’s not personal, I promise.

Karen Banes

Freelance writer & indie author sharing thoughts on life, society, creativity, and productivity.

Tom Stevenson

I like to write. I like to travel. Join my email list ->

Laura McDonell

I am a wife, mother, educator, writer, reader and marathon runner. I blog at and chase my impossible. Follow me on Twitter at @lmcdonell14

Karen karen

Writer. Avid Traveler. Translator. Be yourself. Own your future. What’s your feeling today?

Mason Sabre

Mason is an author and a teacher. He loves to write and read and will always be a life-long learner.

Jason Deane

I blog on things I am passionate about: Bitcoin, writing, money, life’s crazy turns and being a dad. Lover of learning, family and cheese. (

Cara Harbstreet (She/Her)

Lover of carbs and puns, call me Cara Carbstreet | Anxious Millennial | Coffee Enthusiast | Non-diet Dietitian

Tami Bulmash

I write and teach about the mind-body connection and its relationship to health and well-being. More at

Traverse Davies

I do survival, self-publishing consultation, and writing. Check out my blog:

David Baker

A cosmopolitan cultural connoisseur. Striving to be equal parts movie buff and bookworm, blogger and scriptwriter.

Jintao Lin

One who speaks through written words.

Scarlett Braden

Expat. Author. And in the weirdest of plot twists: poet. Self-publishing coach. Conference coordinator.


Best-selling author’s pen name. Conversation starters about writing, Jewish identity, women, life & death.

Juliette Roanoke

Social justice seeker | Silver lining finder | Domestic violence escapee | Critical Care and Hospice Nurse | Mother | Surprisingly Fast Runner.

Anitha Sankaran

Writer | Poet | Computer Engineer. Writing emotions beyond words.

Jessica Lynn

Entrepreneur + Writer. Come join me in the creator economy. Get my eBook, How to Make Money on Medium. Hit FOLLOW ⤵


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