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Google’s ban harms democracy

But is that democracy worth our dependency on information?

What is people over product?

A rebrand and sincere note for former Politic readers!

Plumbers are losers

How we’re fueling the despairing class

Does Absence Make the Heart Grow?

Ask anyone what they think is one of the greatest technological achievements of our time and I guarantee this one will be near the top: the…

3 Crazy Forecasts on the Future of the Internet

My wife says I spend way too many of our date nights gaming out the future of communications and what the internet might look like in 5–10…

Let’s kill off television for something better

Cord-cutting provides us an opportunity to shape the next generation of media

Technology can’t make you a better person

No matter how much you wish it could

Screens < Paper

Anjali Khosla, editor of Fast Company Digital, comments here on her use of a physical planner:

Say Goodbye To Platforms As You Know Them

Every few months, some click-baiting tech blogger announces that Facebook is finally dying and, while their stock soars, everyone gets in…


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