The Quasi Luddite

A quasi luddite helping others navigate their place in the modern, digital era.

Elizabeth Ivanecky

A quasi luddite helping others navigate their relationship to technology and their lifestyles in the modern era.

Latest Posts

Keeping Up with the Usernames

We’re not chasing the Bentleys or the Rolls-Royces anymore.

How Will an Electric Caltrain Affect Bay Area Commuters

Get them to work faster to build the latest and greatest in tech.

How to Avoid the Underemployment Trap

A consequence of our current economy

What Does it Mean to Be a Woman?

We are women, hear us roar. In numbers too big to ignore!

Is Nihilism the Latest Trend Among Millennials?

And is it something we should worry about?

3 Lessons to Learn About the Generational Gap from a Russian Classic

“When we were young there was a so-called humoralist — one Hoffmann — and a certain Brown with his vitalism. They seemed quite ridiculous…

Will AI Translators and Interpreters Dream of Language Lists?

I watched the monument valleys of the technological holy land pass by. The structures weren’t oppressively tall. Rather like sheets of…

The Allegory of the Smartphone

A smartphone is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you can connect more easily with anyone from anywhere across the global village. On…

How to Deal with Media Negativity

Tuning into the news can feel like taking in an endless cycle of suffering. Breaking news about school shootings, disease, nuclear threats…


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