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Matt Querzoli

And on the third router restart, He rose again.

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Teenage Girl Installs Fairy Lights in Bedroom to Illuminate Her 47 Throw Cushions

Torn between which liberal arts degree she wishes to pursue at university, Marlee Cadence has this afternoon decided to procrastinate by…

Summer to Autumn

Lazy Limericks

Subway’s Conversion to the Metric System Doesn’t Go Too Well

Subway, the international company famous for selling the type of subs that don’t go underwater and fire torpedos at targets, have put their…

The Lady of the Ring

Flash Fiction

Slum Class

Short Story

Waterpark Enthusiast Also Coincidentally Enjoys Golden Showers

Rick Fandango*, owner of the Gold Yearly Pass to Wet&Wild Waterpark in Sydney, also apparently enjoys being on the receiving end of the…

Pen to Page

Lazy Limericks

Man Takes Out Small Personal Loan of $5000 for Valentine’s Day

Wanting to impress his girlfriend of two years by holding a relatively mild yet stereotypical Valentine’s Day, local man Shrimple Gimbet…

New Year, New Me

Short Story


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