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Matt Querzoli

And on the third router restart, He rose again.

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Lazy Limericks

Well-Educated Mother Opines Vaccines are the “Most Dangerous Thing on God’s Flat Earth”

In her third Facebook rant today, well educated, mother of two Olivia Biles has made it known that she considers vaccines as “the most…

Forever In Bloom

#3 — The Rose Farm Trilogy — Short Story

A Canopy of Roses

#2— The Rose Farm Trilogy — Flash Fiction

The Best Roses in the World

#1 — The Rose Farm Trilogy — Short Story

Scorned Nerd Reminds Instagram Influencer She’s Only One Database Record Deletion Away from…

A local man who has an above average job working with computers and enjoys pop culture probably only a little more than the average member…

All Clowns, No Lions

Lazy Limericks

As Luck May Have It

Short Story

Teenage Girl Installs Fairy Lights in Bedroom to Illuminate Her 47 Throw Cushions

Torn between which liberal arts degree she wishes to pursue at university, Marlee Cadence has this afternoon decided to procrastinate by…


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