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The Launchpad is a resource for applied-Machine Learning (ML) best practices from the trenches. Our goal is to help AI-first companies innovate & thrive, sharing knowledge & insights from our community:startups, mentors & Googlers

Malika Cantor

@Google | Applied AI & ML | Startups

Cassie Kozyrkov

Chief Decision Intelligence Engineer, Google. ❤️ Stats, ML/AI, data, puns, art, theatre, decision science. All views are my own.

Maya Sagi Grossman

VP of Marketing @Colu. I write about marketing, startups & tech. I have OCD so please don't touch my shit!

Latest Posts

Why addressing bias in machine learning is key to unlocking greater financial inclusion

At JUMO, our mission is to radically advance financial inclusion by bridging the gap between critical financial services, and those that…

A Step-by-Step Guide to Machine Learning Problem Framing

Diving into Machine Learning (ML) without knowing what you’re trying to achieve is a recipe for disaster. Let’s get you off to a good…

How to estimate the age of your brain with MRI data

A practical guide for applying machine learning in healthcare

Your Deep-Learning-Tools-for-Enterprises Startup Will Fail

I usually write about how to integrate and launch ML/AI in consumer-facing products. However, a large part of my job is building ML/AI…

The ML Surprise

When I was in college, an ice cream shop opened nearby, and a few friends and I went to check it out. We walked in, and it looked…

Spinning up an annotation team

Modern tech companies’ core defensibility is often in rapidly building proprietary datasets. These are generally niche datasets that can…

How to protect your Machine Learning product from time, adversaries, and itself

Unlike traditional products, the launch of ML/AI-driven features or products is just the start of a Product Manager’s role. ML models…

Modular Machine Learning in Healthcare

It’s hard to imagine developing software that isn’t modular. It would be extremely difficult to debug, troubleshoot, and implement…

Planning for Machine Learning as a Medtech Startup

As the world transitions to machine learning-powered products and solutions, many subject matter experts will need to develop new skills…


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