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love after effects poem

Sunday evenings at Dolsfly’s

It was Sunday morning at the Dolsfly estate, the only day when the 322 acres of lush property were open to the public. Davidson had…

Together, we will float

Together, we will float.

A January Night

Arthur peeked his head around the corner of the dark alley. He looked into the thick black air, which was occasionally illuminated by a…


Warm milk drips like melted wax unto your undue clothing, honeydew drips with delicacy upon your battered lips…


I watch a bit of air flit from the bottom of the glass to the surface and pop. Carbonation terrifies me. These specks of gas, contained…

Flesh or Free

it’s the humanity that causes loneliness being trapped in a shell the skin and bone of mortality encapsulating the soul the mind engaged…

Siren Song

A poem based on real life experience of human trafficking

Store Front

A poem based on personal experience about surviving human trafficking


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