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Kim Camilia

Singer in the making, songwriter, lifelong Prince & MJ fan, member of The Violet Reality, vintage enthusiast, YouTuber, walking encyclopaedia on 80s synth-pop.

Casey Rain (aka S-Endz)

Writer, Performer, Creator, Co-Founder of The Violet Reality. Member of musical futurists Swami. Vegan. Diehard Prince & Michael Jackson fan.

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Is “We Are Chaos” another reinvention for the God of F**k? Or a return to already covered ground?

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“Hounds of Love” turns 35 years old today, yet remains ethereal and timeless.

‘Smooth Criminal’ Is Michael Jackson’s Best Short Film, Even If ‘Thriller’ Is the G.O.A.T.

Yes, you read that right. There’s a difference between “greatest” and “best.”

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By the time you’re reading this it’s technically my third time reviewing this album, but for a damn good reason.

Marilyn Manson — We Are Chaos — Single Review

What should you expect from Marilyn Manson’s latest? Read and find out….

The Time We Lost Michael Jackson

The world gave up on the King of Pop, but did he give up on us first?

Has The Prince Estate Done Enough So Far?

Quality of quantity remains the debate among Prince fans

What Becomes A Legend Most

The youngest Jackson sibling became the biggest star

David Bowie — ‘ChangesNowBowie’ — Album Review

We take a look at the latest posthumous release from the David Bowie Estate.


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