The World At 1°C

Grief and Hope in a Warming World

Daniel Voskoboynik

Researcher, journalist, and campaigner. Passionate about systems thinking, climate justice, intersectionality, and poetry.

Nathan Thanki

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Demand Climate Justice

Global justice writings on the climate crisis and the struggles for a dignified life

Latest Posts

What does Greta Thunberg mean when she says “equity?”

Climate change is a question of justice

Our house has been on fire for over 500 years

The Wretched of the Earth collective’s speech at the London Climate Strike on September 20, 2019.

Winter is here

Game of Thrones is back. Here’s what it can can teach us about how to fight climate change.

Idai: a story of a storm

Climatic disasters are raw reminders of the inequalities and deprivations of our societies

Beyond the UN, young feminists drive climate justice action

As young feminists, we understand that racism, sexism, poverty and inequality are structural issues exacerbated by the crisis that climate…

No such thing as a good COP

United Nations climate change negotiations are considered by almost all climate activists to be ineffective. But breaking the hegemony of…

A Guide to Climate Violence

Climate violence emerges from the collision of extreme atmospheric conditions and acute social realities.

What Happened in Katowice?

An analysis of the COP24 climate change negotiations

COP24: Climate Justice Press Conferences

The revolution will not be televised… but our press conferences are webcast

“Sufferings of the many” pay for the “luxuries of the few” as COP24 adopts guidelines for the…

(Dec 15, KATOWICE) As critical negotiations on how to enact the landmark Paris Agreement on climate change drew to a close, legal and…


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