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Jim Giles

CEO at Timeline. In former lives: senior editor, Medium; co-founder, Matter; contributor to NY Times, Atlantic and others.

Latest Posts

This was the only refugee camp in America for Jews fleeing the Nazis

Roosevelt’s effort to help came at the end of the war, but still spared a thousand lives

How NYC tenements once hid secret sweatshops

Immigrant families worked punishing hours in dilapidated apartments just to survive

She was one of the first black women to host a television show

Then the House Un-American Activities Committee came for her

The First Black-Led Union Wouldn’t Have Existed Without This Woman

Behind the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters was a sisterhood

This woman realized the sun’s potential long before the rest of the country

Mária Telkes lead the way in solar power development

Towards a history of women of color in the workplace

Resurfacing snapshots from my mother’s work life

These photos show how the American Civil Rights Movement influenced Aboriginal rights activists

Students traveled Australia by bus, just like the Freedom Riders

Miss America 1968: When civil rights and feminist activists converged

Miss Black America was born to tell the country that black is beautiful

This woman shattered the gender barrier in pro baseball

When Toni Stone joined the Negro League, she became the first woman regular on a big-league team


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