Transformative Technology

Technology for Mental Health, Wellbeing, and Joy

Nichol Bradford

Nichol Bradford. Building the Future of Human Possibility by leveraging Tech for Mental Health, Wellbeing, and Joy.

Rui Ma

tech #angelinvestor on sabbatical. Loves: #philanthropy, everything #green, #pets, all #books. Devoted #vegetarian.

Kasey Luck

Passionate about #emailmarketing. I help #entrepreneurs and #bloggers launch and grow their #emaillist to achieve top goals. I work for fun.

Troy Haines

Founder of theSPACE | Startup & Innovation Coach | Everyday Entrepreneur, Bio & Consciousness Hacker 🤯| Transformative Technologies AU | Plant Based Athlete 🌱

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Ask these 4 questions to know if you are making Transformative Tech:

1) Are you working on the Future of Work, Future Humans, or Future Basics (able to deal with stress, anxiety, etc.)

Radically Human Technology: Enhancing Connection and Wellbeing (Or Finding your Ikigai Kairos )

Why I’m teaching a Transformative Tech Class at Stanford in January (Wellness 160)

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Over 750+ entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders from all over the world working in the Transformative Technology area had the opportunity…

The role of mentors at TTA

To get the most out of a venture business, mentors are vital in supporting entrepreneurs pacing their path. Success is often strongly…

Investors Office Hours at TTA

At TTA we are aware of the vital importance of skills diversity among entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are creating and putting their lifeblood…


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