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The official blog of the world’s first and most trusted hardware wallet — Trezor. Articles about everything you need to know to keep your bitcoins and digital identity safe.

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Innovating since we founded the industry in 2013 with production of the first crypto hardware wallet, the Trezor One. Open-source, secure, community-driven.

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Innovator and #Bitcoin evangelist. Founder of world’s first bitcoin mining pool @slush_pool and #Trezor hardware wallet. CEO @SatoshiLabs.

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SatoshiLabs Economical expert and bestselling author, holds a Ph.D. in Economic Theories. He is researching on alternative currencies and business cycles.

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Latest Posts

Start using Bitcoin with a Trezor Starter Pack

Making it easier and safer to begin using Bitcoin, the Trezor Starter Pack focuses on three problems: know-how, security and custody of…

Trezor Model One firmware and Trezor Suite updates May 2021

Update your device and Suite by opening Trezor Suite and following the on-screen prompts

How Taproot will benefit hardware wallets

The latest Bitcoin upgrade - Taproot - will change how Bitcoin works, for the better. It improves how transactions are signed, removes…

Trezor is coming to Bitcoin 2021!

We’re thrilled to announce that Trezor is coming to Miami for Bitcoin 2021! Buy anything from the Trezor shop and save 20% on your ticket.

Smart contracts: real-world uses and limitations

Smart contracts can be simple, like a Bitcoin payment layer. Or they can be complex, like a decentralized app running on the Ethereum…

Why Bitcoin’s energy use won’t destroy the planet

By Josef Tětek, SatoshiLabs — Tired of your nocoiner friends shaming you by playing the ecology trump card? No worries, we’ve got you…

How to safely navigate the cryptocurrency landscape

By Jack Filiba — This guide will help you make sense of the cryptocurrency industry, developing a healthy balance of skepticism and…

Three reasons why Coinbase going public is meh for Bitcoin

By Josef Tětek, SatoshiLabs — We’ve been bombarded for weeks now by analyses and opinion pieces about Coinbase going public. Some praise…

Trezor Suite update April 2021

The latest version of Trezor Suite beta, version 21.4.1, is now available. From this month onward, updates will be delivered securely…

Creating permanent uncensorable messages on the Bitcoin blockchain

By Jack Filiba — Since Bitcoin is not controlled by a single entity, messages stored on its blockchain cannot be censored or deleted.


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