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Charles Rice

I design, I code, I love corgis and like to blow off steam at the gym.

Aleksa Vukotic

software development pragmatist, startup tech by day and night

Eric Carter

Eric is Head of Engineering at where he helps startups to build their first releases and to build the teams and processes to scale up.

Latest Posts

How to Install Apple’s San Francisco UI Fonts on Windows 10 for Figma Prototyping

Excuse the long title, but this drove me absolutely bonkers. Part of creating prototypes that are as realistic as possible is ensuring…

How to fully utilise Docker-compose during development

Use multiple docker-compose files to define variants of your complex, multi-component, production environment. To create similar…

Fintech– Beyond the Hype

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How to fully utilise Docker during development

Part 1: Dockerise your dev and CI environments

Experience the Design Sprint with Lightning Decision Jam: Classic

The Design Sprint is a process that radically changes the way that you work for a week to be more effective than you’ve ever been. Everyone…

How to Choose the Right Technology For Your Startup

Regardless of what is the software product we are building, our goal should be to create a quality piece of software — how do we chose the…

How embracing failure can help designing a better system

Since the school days we have always been advised to be proactive (compared to reactive) — rather than wait for the failure to happen…

You only need a few days to assemble your prototype. At worst.

If there’s anything I’ve learnt from prototyping day running Design Sprints, and attempting to prototype regularly to speed up development…

Fast Track to UX Designing in Startups

So you want to be a UX designer, or be the goto UX person in a startup? It’s not quite the same as in an already established organisation…

Are Design Sprints Worth All That Time Spent?

I’ve just recently finished facilitating a Design Sprint for a client that we’re working with, and each time we run one it cements deeper…


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