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Jason Maestas

Sr Director of Partnerships North America, Twitch

Brian Petrocelli

A.k.a. Citizen — Product Marketing at Twitch

Noreen ™

Product Marketing at Twitch. Doritos aficionado everywhere else.


PR Director and Dreamcast launch team member. Saved money on biz cards by using one name.

Robert Busey

Marketing guy for Twitch Prime. I put together blogs for all of the awesome stuff that Twitch Prime has coming. Be sure to follow me here to stay connected!

Jon Bulava

Developer Advocacy at @Twitch.

Joveth Gonzalez

I work in marketing for Twitch Prime and play a bunch of indie games and RPGs.

PJ Forgione

Community at Twitch Prime. Follow me on Twitter: @pj_forgione

Brian Albert

Mediocre MOBA player. Exceptional cheeseburger eater.

Megan Dobransky

DX Content @ Twitch | Follow @TwitchDev


Twitch is communities and creators working together to make their own entertainment.

Latest Posts

Analyzing Twitch chat during a Pokémon Marathon

Twitch data scientists apply NLP on chat data

Exclusive Twitch Prime Early Access: Own Pikuniku for FREE Before Everyone Else!

From January 21st through January 23rd, Twitch Prime members will be able to claim and own Devolver Digital’s latest quirky title…

Twitch Prime Members, Level Up Your Arsenal Again with the Warframe Gear Bundle #2!

Starting January 17th through February 18th, Twitch Prime members can get Gear Bundle #2 for Warframe that includes 50 Platinum…

Get the Elite Intern Bundle in Neverwinter with Twitch Prime for a Limited Time!

Starting today, January 15th, Twitch Prime members can join in on the celebration of the launch of Neverwinter’s latest major update, The…

Twitch Rivals returns with over 100 events in 2019

We heard you when you said you want more Twitch Rivals, so this year, we’re bringing you more weekly events and making all of them even…

Twitch Prime offered members more than $3,000 of gaming content in 2018

Twitch Prime membership included access to epic in-game loot for 20 blockbuster games, more than 70 Free Games with Prime, and a free…

3 Extensions Making this Holiday Season Extra Merry

With over 60 percent of Partners and Affiliates already using Extensions, they’re quickly becoming one of the best ways for creators to…

Calling all StarCraft II fans: For the first time ever, earn War Chest: Katowice 2019 XP on Twitch

War Chest: Katowice 2019 brings two brand-new features to StarCraft II and Twitch alike.

Twitch Prime Holiday Surprise: Get Seven Free Bonus Games with the Devolver Digital Holiday Pack!

The holidays are here and Devolver Digital is bringing a slew of awesome PC games to Twitch Prime members. Starting today, you’ll be able…


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