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Jason Maestas

Sr Director of Partnerships North America, Twitch

Brian Petrocelli

A.k.a. Citizen — Product Marketing at Twitch

Noreen ™

Product Marketing at Twitch. Doritos aficionado everywhere else.


PR Director and Dreamcast launch team member. Saved money on biz cards by using one name.

Robert Busey

Marketing guy for Twitch Prime. I put together blogs for all of the awesome stuff that Twitch Prime has coming. Be sure to follow me here to stay connected!

Jon Bulava

Developer Advocacy at @Twitch.

Joveth Gonzalez

I work in marketing for Twitch Prime and play a bunch of indie games and RPGs.

PJ Forgione

Community at Twitch Prime. Follow me on Twitter: @pj_forgione

Brian Albert

Mediocre MOBA player. Exceptional cheeseburger eater.

Megan Dobransky

DX Content @ Twitch | Follow @TwitchDev


Twitch is communities and creators working together to make their own entertainment.

Ruby Betten

Associate Marketing Manager @TwitchCon @Twitch. Fueled by bagels & Beyonce.

Latest Posts

Twitch Prime members; pirates, ninjas, and alchemists oh my!

Crunchyroll, the world’s most popular anime brand, is teaming up with Twitch Prime to offer members a special loot offering — 30 days of…

Charity Extensions: making the world a better place one stream at a time

Help Cure Cancer, End Hunger, Raise Awareness with Charity in Extensions

New Era: How to launch a game with a Twitch Extension

The Borderlands 3 ECHOcast Extension is driving viewer engagement & building pre-sale buzz months before launch.

The importance of mental health for every streamer

May is Mental Health Awareness Month in the United States, but today we’re talking to streamers everywhere.

Twitch Developer Tour Roundup

Thanks to our community and partners that came out to see us on tour!

Bake a Cake with Twitch!

We’re celebrating the third anniversary of the launch of Food & Drink on Twitch with a full day of some of the sweetest culinary…

Get more Path of Exile loot with your Twitch Prime membership

Path of Exile and Twitch Prime have teamed yet again up to bring you the Purple Divine Sign, Purple Skull Helmet and Lavender Weapon…

All the news from TwitchCon Europe

Today the very first TwitchCon Europe kicked off in Berlin and at the Keynote our CEO, Emmett Shear took to the stage. He highlighted…

The world’s best youth soccer players are coming to Twitch

The 2019 Generation adidas Cup is the premier youth soccer tournament in North America, and it’s coming to Twitch from April 13–20.

Go memory ballast: How I learnt to stop worrying and love the heap

I’m a big fan of small code changes that can have large impact. This may seem like an obvious thing to state, but let me explain:


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