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Jason Maestas

Marketing pro formerly with Twitch, Metatheory, Rally, and more!

Brian Petrocelli

A.k.a. Citizen — Product Marketing at Twitch

Noreen ™

Product Marketing at Twitch. Doritos aficionado everywhere else.


PR Director and Dreamcast launch team member. Saved money on biz cards by using one name.

Robert Busey

Marketing guy for Twitch Prime. I put together blogs for all of the awesome stuff that Twitch Prime has coming. Be sure to follow me here to stay connected!

Jon Bulava

Developer Advocacy at @Twitch.

Joveth Gonzalez

I work in marketing for Twitch Prime and play a bunch of indie games and RPGs.

PJ Forgione

Community at Twitch Prime. Follow me on Twitter: @pj_forgione

Megan Dobransky

DX Content @ Twitch | Follow @TwitchDev

Ruby Betten

Associate Marketing Manager @TwitchCon @Twitch. Fueled by bagels & Beyonce.


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