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Jason Maestas

Sr Director of Partnerships North America, Twitch

Brian Petrocelli

A.k.a. Citizen — Product Marketing at Twitch

Noreen ™

Product Marketing at Twitch. Doritos aficionado everywhere else.


PR Director and Dreamcast launch team member. Saved money on biz cards by using one name.

Robert Busey

Marketing guy for Twitch Prime. I put together blogs for all of the awesome stuff that Twitch Prime has coming. Be sure to follow me here to stay connected!

Jon Bulava

Developer Advocacy at @Twitch.

Joveth Gonzalez

I work in marketing for Twitch Prime and play a bunch of indie games and RPGs.

PJ Forgione

Community at Twitch Prime. Follow me on Twitter: @pj_forgione

Brian Albert

Mediocre MOBA player. Exceptional cheeseburger eater.

Megan Dobransky

DX Content @ Twitch | Follow @TwitchDev

Ruby Betten

Associate Marketing Manager @TwitchCon @Twitch. Fueled by bagels & Beyonce.

Latest Posts

USA Basketball’s road to the Olympics is only on Twitch

Basketball history is filled with incredible duos. Jordan and Pippen. Stockton and Malone. Shaq and Kobe. And now, USA Basketball and…

Just add Time Travel: Building your Games for Both Streamers and Viewers

The Collaborative is an experimental top-down shooter from Amazon Games that empowers streamers and viewers to play together.

Fireworks! A Sample Extension Using Bits

It’s always a good time for fireworks! And fireworks are even better when they’re digital and in a Twitch Extension. Recently we published…

Introducing a Community Resource Page for Twitch Developers

The Twitch Developer community has created some incredible, open source projects that help developers get started on Twitch. These…

Now available with Twitch Prime: Exclusive Apex Legends Octane skin

Octane’s dipped into the trust fund and put his own personal twist on Kings Canyon: a stadium full of jump pads and fire where every…

Introducing the Twitch Research Fellowship

We’re excited to announce the inaugural Twitch Research Fellowship program!

Twitch Studio: “Going Live” Is Getting A Whole Lot Easier

Streamers are at the core of every community on Twitch. When new streamers want to go live for the first time and start sharing their…

Available now with Twitch Prime: Dominate the gridiron with NFL legend Jim Brown in Madden NFL 20

A special content drop is coming to Madden Ultimate Team players and it’s only available for Prime members!

Vote for the winner of the MLS All-Star Skills Challenge on Twitch

Calling all soccer fans. And futbal fans too. The MLS needs your help to determine who’s got the best skills in the league and if there’s…

ThisEmoteDoesNotExist: Training a GAN for Twitch Emotes

The idea for this project began when a coworker and I were talking about NVIDIA’s photo-realistic generated human faces using StyleGAN and…


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