Ueno. A digital agency in SF, NYC, LA and Reykjavík.

Haraldur Thorleifsson

CEO/Founder at Ueno.

Carolyn Zhang

design @ ueno.

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Valgeir Valdimarsson

A real person who is still alive and not trying to sell you anything. Words and things at Ueno.

Latest Posts

Dear Ueno: How do you build strategy on your projects?

A strategic question from Bradley Gabel in New York.

Dear Ueno: What’s your design process like?

Jan Raven de Klerk wants to get organized.

Notes from Shangri-La

Tory Satins went to Ueno’s annual retreat so you wouldn’t have to.

Ego and Empathy

How to reconcile the two as a young designer.

Dear Ueno: Tips on presenting your design to a client?

“Anonymous” wants to get better at explaining themselves.

What is it like to be an intern at Ueno?

Five former and present design interns at Ueno are here to tell you.

Net Zero

How we created the Ueno freelancing payment policy.


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