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Caio Braga

designer @ SurveyMonkey, editor @ UX Collective

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3 tips for facilitating team feedback

Improving Design Team Collaboration

The power of incrementalism

Incrementalism utilizes resources to cut through seemingly endless complexity to create beautiful products and experiences that otherwise…

Top data visualization examples and dashboard designs

Data visualization and dashboard design are both art and science and not as easy to create as they may first appear. How do top UX…

Enterprise UX: why the hell would anyone want to do this?!

Designing enterprise software is tough work. It’s messy and crazy and maddening. But there are compelling reasons to give it a shot.

Creating dashboards for the color blind

Recently I have been reading an amazing book titled The Big Book of Dashboards. A gigantic collection of knowledge would be an…

The art of time in User Experience

User experience is a matter of pace not speed.

But we are numbers driven…

Every respectable business today is guided by some Key Performance indicators. The question though is: are these numbers helping you to…

Information Architecture for UX designers

Information Architecture is the process of organizing the content and placing similar things together.

Should we stop using personas?

Here’s what I learned

What I learned about UX research on Pubg mobile as a player

When I visited the Texas Military Forces Museum, I saw Tompson and K98K from World War II were the same in the Pubg mobile. It is the…


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