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Caio Braga

designer @ SurveyMonkey, editor @ UX Collective

Latest Posts

The red square method

The gap between long, difficult design processes and chaos can be filled by just one little red square. Here’s how.

Want to be a better designer? Stay humble

We as designers need to understand that our job is always about somebody else. Finding out what the real problem is by listening to people.

Thanks for the feedback

People will rarely tell you they think giving or receiving feedback is easy, and I’m certainly not one of them. Feedback is hard — it’s…

On curation as narrative

The new Louvre Abu Dhabi is a masterclass in experience design, offering one true lesson: all stories are told for a reason.

UX as a byproduct of existential marketing

In a childish world, significance is more and more being sold to childish people

How to design lovable voice experiences

Behind the Scenes of Encyclopaedia Britannica

Design Sprint and user research for organizational excellence

How to conduct design sprint and user research that can impact your business bottom line

The frog and the centipede — a UX fable

A lesson in staying curious

Where to begin with color in 3D?

Getting started with color in Cinema4D Lite

Does it really have to be a workshop?

Trying to get more out of workshops in your organization? Start by challenging the need for a formal workshop or sprint. Here’s how.


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