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We believe designers are thinkers as much as they are makers. So we curate UX stories we’ve always wanted to read. By @fabriciot and @caioab.

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Fabricio Teixeira

Design Director at Work & Co, Founder of UX Collective — http://fabricio.work

Caio Braga

ux designer ❤ Editor @ https://uxdesign.cc

Latest Posts

The ideal user

Thoughts on Umberto Eco’s Model Author and Model Reader

The Importance of Flow in a UX Portfolio

Anyone who’s built a Design Portfolio has heard some of the following phrases:

Reflections on design: our profession, ethics, and responsibility

A few months ago, I came across an article in UX Collective about the state of content in the UX and product design space, focusing…

World-class designer: interview with Lumen Bigott

This article is part of a series of 10 interviews with world-class designers. I’ve interviewed Junior to Senior designers from companies…

Failure = success — how UX design taught me to shift my paradigm on failure

Today was like any other day. Nothing too exciting, nothing too depressing, overall a pretty level day full of networking and making my way…

Software Product Development

An iteration on creating the product

The troika of product development

Reflection, revision and progress are substantial elements of software development. Building the “right” thing “right” has filled books…

Design Systems for email: bringing order to the chaos

How we started, what we built, and what we learned building our first email design system at Stack Overflow.

North Star: Revisiting Guiding Principles In Product Design

Four years ago when I started I outlined a list of principles I hoped would guide me to making smarter product decisions.

Journey map your startup for faster growth

For any startup, strong early stage growth relies heavily on user referrals and recommendations. This is where customer experience…


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