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Latest Posts

10 habits that lead to great results for every designer

I think the quality of your design career is determined by the quality of your habits & thinking.

UX inspiration #2: Netflix’s web playback

Offering visual examples of how different companies design their user experiences.

How to validate assumptions in a fast moving business

Working for a start-up means that a sentence like “let’s take the time to figure this out” is usually not part of the company vocabulary…

Can you guess Darwin’s theory of typography? — UX 101

Evolution of Typography — Survival of the fittest.

From persona to buyer: using the UX methodology to understand your niche market

What women (and men) want?_How to identify the points of aggregation of your audience.

Just walk out Amazon Go — the most convincing future of retail

JUST WALK OUT TECHNOLOGY- the key phrase used for Amazon’s cashier-less convenient stores, Amazon Go. These stores resemble the look of…

Great products do less things, but better

When feature bloat can hurt more than help your business goals.

Going vegan with mobile menus 🥦📱 — a UX case study

How a leading UK InsureTech company increased conversion by optimising a mobile-friendly menu

The makers and the mythical “business”

For years I have observed this behavior among people responsible for digital products, especially designers and developers. Asked some…


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