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designer @ SurveyMonkey, editor @ UX Collective

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Using design to question normalcy: nothing will be the same

In nearly every facet of our daily lives, changes and cancellations have been occurring at an abrupt pace. This pandemic has created a new…

Code-blended design

Perhaps it’s not, “Should designers learn to code”, but rather, “Should our design applications learn to code?”

Creating connection within social distancing

We are all leaders within this pandemic. Some of us are overwhelmed and working 14-hour days as nurses, teachers, or small business owners…

8 Tips for a Successful Product Design Internship

My product design internship takeaways

How to convince stakeholders to invite you to product discovery

Getting a seat at one of the most important meetings for designers

Website memory: what to do about attention residue with UX

Ever been on a website running a search, reading a page, filling a form, comparing products? And out of nowhere, you get a Slack…

How the Iron Triangle can improve your design workflow

How the Iron Triangle approach can help your UX design project

User research in the time of C-19 — A feel good how-to

Research is observation and investigation, and asking about kids and dogs helps

Houston we have a 404 problem

What to do when the user reaches 404 dead ends

What will happen to designers if there’s no interface to design?

Brain-computer interfaces and the future of design


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