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Fabricio Teixeira

Designer at Work & Co, Founder of UX Collective — http://twitter.com/fabriciot

Caio Braga

designer @ SurveyMonkey, editor @ UX Collective

Latest Posts

Creating a strong design culture

A breakdown of how to create a strong design culture and how design impacts our lives, our products and the world around us.

Learn from the best: Product Design Principles

And the 4 characteristics that make them great

The 10 books every leader should read

Leadership is not a position. It’s a set of attitudes.

What is addictive information?

How are designers using behavioral studies to maintain the user entertained for longer periods of time?

COVID alert app — What the Canadian Digital Service design team did right

Building a nation-wide app that’s 95% accessible to combat a deadly virus

Empathy makes better product experiences (and makes us better humans)

We use empathy in design thinking but are we using it in our day to day lives?

Error state stasis: a quick visit to the syntax of an error message

Error messages are rarely celebrated. When they are bad, they stick out like a rude friend you invited to your partner’s birthday party…

Unlearning and UX-ing

How therapy is helping me become a better designer and person.


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