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Fabricio Teixeira

Designer at Work & Co, Founder of UX Collective — http://fabricio.work

Caio Braga

designer @ SurveyMonkey, editor @ UX Collective

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Successful iconography, as told by Etsy

No joke, I go on Etsy every single day. I browse Instagram as much as any other person, but when that becomes tiresome, I open up Etsy to…

5 design principles for better products

The design of a product plays a pivotal role in its success.

Be a learner, not a knower: how asking the right questions leads to better UX

Because solving real-world problems, for real people, requires informed decisions.

Your online community sucks. Now what?

How to lure back your best members.

A simple tool for designing the future

Whether you’re creating innovative products or reinventing existing services, an over-insistence to analyse what is and not what could be…

Why blend modes save us a lot of effort

A practical tip based on a recent programming experience that will make your developer colleges happier.

My favorite UX research mistake

A fun story of a lesson learned when testing with people unlike us

Empathy towards ourselves: the chaos of working as a female UX Researcher

It was a usual afternoon in Delhi. I was standing on a busy street waiting for my Uber. I had just completed a very interesting research…

Planning a trip can be overwhelming… so we reimagined it — a case study

Our journey to design a radically better experience for planning trip itineraries — Series 1 of 2.

The simple secret to developing resilient designers

Embracing failure is not a new concept, but knowing how to do it as a design leader is easier said than done. On one hand, you want to…


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