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Caio Braga

designer @ SurveyMonkey, editor @ UX Collective

Latest Posts

Can we make Pantone’s color of the year more accessible?

A lot of people seem to want to play with the Pantone 2021 colors of the year. Note that they can have an impact on accessibility on the…

How to prioritize features and build a roadmap for B2B products

Creating a replicable process using popular frameworks for B2B products.

Usability tests don’t have to be a horror movie

It’s easier than it seems to test with users.

The Emoji journey: From self-expression tool to multi-million dollar business

Emojis, memojis, avatars. Here’s how they evolved and still make millions to their creators.

Portugal by Sebastião Rodrigues’ pencil

A journey that merges with the country’s history

What human collective intelligence can teach to AI

The power of cumulative cultural evolution

Designing localisation friendly products

Localisation is often perceived as simple text translations across different languages. However, it goes beyond just some alphabets and…

Design decoded: The tale of the dad wagon

A daughter-father design project provides a clear definition of what User Experience Design is and who its for.

Why the Starbucks app is design perfection

I love my barista, but I’d much rather use the app. The UX on the Starbucks app is so close to perfect it’s setting industry standards.

How to avoid using gradients like a lunatic

Gradients are everywhere you look these days and it appears they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Here is how to harness their power…


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