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Caio Braga

designer @ Momentive.ai, editor @ UX Collective

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Building a UX team: a trial & error strategy

This article is based on my presentation at the Product Camp 2021 conference, and was divided into 8 key points when it comes to building…

Why we should all care about inclusive design?

It’s ‘normal’ to be ‘disabled’

Improving the usability of access codes

7 suggestions from recent studies

How red and green can make you cut back on kilowatts

About half of all electricity is wasted — which means there are big climate wins to be made in solving it. Displaying energy consumption…

Your schedule needs white space too

Mind the gaps for long-term thinking and creative rejuvenation.

UX deliverables are dead — long live collaboration

A little over 10 years ago I wrote what is still one of my most widely read, and judging by the comments, one of my most divisive articles…

The UX of fixed icon screen elements

They are en vogue and ubiquitous

Is your product becoming a house of cards?

A “framework” for communicating dependencies within a product experience.

5-second tests: Measuring first impressions

The 5 second test refers to a form of usability testing that allows us to measure the first impressions users have of a specific design…

A question of accessibility

If you don’t know what accessibility is, break the word into its component parts: “access” and “ability.” That means accessibility is the…


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