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Caio Braga

designer @ SurveyMonkey, editor @ UX Collective

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Learnings for designers, from Indian movie posters

Some Indian movies have been brilliantly made keeping in mind the mood and theme of the story. Not all, but many use strategical colour…

Gamification: are we really enhancing or just manipulating?

Yes, we, as a society, are talking about ethics, but, like many things, we need to be talking about it more. This rings especially true in…

How UX designers use psychology to manipulate their users

When I’m asked what I do for a living, I say “I’m a UX designer!” which is often responded to with, “Cool … so what is that exactly?”.

How cognitive biases & heuristics can perpetuate COVID denial

Why it is so difficult to convince some people that the COVID-19 pandemic is a very real danger.

How to stop people feeling exploited by Artificial Intelligence

Mapping the Problems and Solutions of AI Data Collection

Create awesome fancy borders using border-image

Are you boring with using the same borders on your web page? How many times have you use border: 1px solid color; on your pages lately?

Measuring the value of Design Systems

Weighing outcomes over output from design system teams

How to give a remote talk with no slides

I have decades of experience giving keynotes, talks, leading workshops, and design sprints. I would always follow the same formula— sketch…

Embracing imposter syndrome

Why fraud is an essential part of Product Management.

Your first attempt at making anything accessible will be awful

Don’t use this as an excuse. Even awful is better than 98 % of what other people are doing.


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