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Fabricio Teixeira

Design Director at Work & Co, Founder of UX Collective — http://fabricio.work

Caio Braga

ux designer ❤ Editor @ https://uxdesign.cc

Latest Posts

The Amazing World Of Browser Performance — How To Be Performant

This article was originally posted for Modus Create.

Enhance your design process with this content-first technique

During the analytical and strategic phase, we focus on “why” users do or should do something. The following design stage is commonly…

Everything you need to know about skeleton screens

How do we know that skeleton screens actually work?

Defining user reactions using AI

Determining a persona’s intrinsic value is a herculean feat at best. By asking key questions about the state holder and their users in…

Bird Scooter Redesign —  a UX Case Study

Increased Competition = More Features + Better Experience

Confluence Design

Artificial Intelligence Driven User Experience and vice versa

Usability Case Study — Boston University

This is a usability case study for the Boston University Website.

Dieter Rams: 10 principles of Good Design applied to UX design

All of us, passionate about design, art or technology have probably heard of Dieter Rams at some point in our lives. In my case, it’s one…

The Art of being an Enterprise UX Designer

Tips to help successfully transition from design school to a highly effective career professional in User Experience.

Should design matter to an indie maker?

The barrier to building cool stuff has never been lower. We have tools to take us from idea to mockup to prototype to a finished product —…


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