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We believe designers are thinkers as much as they are makers. So we curate UX stories we’ve always wanted to read. By @fabriciot and @caioab.

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Fabricio Teixeira

Design Director at Work & Co, Founder of UX Collective — http://fabricio.work

Caio Braga

Product Design Lead @ 99designs ❤ UX Collective ❤http://caioab.com

Latest Posts

How to train yourself for a product critique session — a UX case study

Product thinking mindset is a high demand for UX/UI designers, and it is prevalent to have product critique session in design interviews…

Responsive grids and how to actually use them

A detailed explanation for designers on how to use grids for responsive design, and how things will scale in between breakpoints.

Getting GDPR compliant

How an American user researcher met GDPR

Welcome to our binge rating era

Because it’s good for business, Humans are becoming rating machines.

Your dark powers as a designer: the 12 types of dark patterns

Coined by Harry Brignull, dark patterns describe intentional UX tricks designed to lure users into taking actions they might not otherwise…

Writing automatic replies that don’t feel automatic

A short guide to replying to people like a person

How I transitioned from UX to Product Management

Change is hard. This post is about a change I made — transitioning to product management after almost five years in product design. It’s…

Design your employee on-boarding

Because first impressions count

Failures in designer career: what do they bring you

Designers are sensitive souls. Apart from doing their work good, they need the recognition — whether be among top designers on Dribbble or…

The attention economy: from engagement to dollars

There’s a principle in economics that lies at the heart of how the economy works: scarcity. What happens when marketers abuse it?


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