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Michael K. Spencer

Blockchain Mark Consultant, tech Futurist, prolific writer. WeChat: mikekevinspencer

Melanie Mohr

CEO at YEAY / https://womprotocol.io/ / Blockchain Entrepreneur/ Gen Z Entrepreneurship Advocate. Attending conferences, speaking on “Self-Sovereign Marketing”

Stephen Yearwood

unaffiliated, non-ideological, unpaid philosopher and political economist

Anne Bonner

Data science, machine learning, and ai. Secretly believes everyone everywhere should get more involved with tech. Wants to help with that.

Latest Posts

The Future of Social Media in 2019

Somewhere along the line advertising created a more toxic version of what social media could have been.

Top Robo-Taxi App Launches on Google Play

Show us the Way Waymo, ride-hailing app becomes widely available.

The Blockchain of Basic Income is Really about Owning our own Data

Basic Income, Blockchain and Decentralized Marketplaces of Data will collide in the future.

Uber’s IPO Shows Silicon Valley is running out of Ideas

Uber only lost $1.8 Billion and it may never be profitable. Uber had 22 rounds of funding, raising more than $20 Billion privately.

The Middle Class is Shrinking

GenZ will be Poorer than Millennials who are poorer than Baby Boomers

Saving for Retirement is Broken

Millennials aren’t the only ones who are screwed.

The AI Ethics & Regulation Problem Isn’t Going Away

Google’s brand-new AI ethics board is dead already and it shows the crisis in AI regulation is real.

Alexa’s Medical Skills now HIPAA Compliant

Alexa skills will soon have a lot to do with our healthcare data.

Why Alexa AirPods Will be Disruptive

Amazon is reportedly making an Apple AirPods competitor that will let you talk to Alexa

Snapchat is an Innovation Machine

All you need to know about Snap Inc’s first Partner Summit


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