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Nick Babich

Editor-in-chief of UX Planet (https://uxplanet.org). http://babich.biz

Latest Posts

The Remote Workers’ Toolkit by Bardo

Here are some of the tools we mentioned on our webinar a couple of weeks ago and some bonus apps that focus on improving our productivity…

FigmaHack — A New Auto Layout

A new way of designing responsive layouts.

Project showcase: Split the cheque

In this article we’ll tell you how we’ve managed to create 149 design screens for the mobile application, icons, 2 dashboards and a…

Weekly Micro-Interactions #23

A curated list of UI Interactions done right.

Brands Still Matter — Brandless Boom to Bust

Not long ago, a rumor spread. Big brands were dying. Out of touch and overpriced, their gaudy packaging smeared like the greasepaint of…

The augmentation of user experience design through artificial intelligence

Everyone is afraid their job will be replaced by some sort of machine.

Everything You Need to Know About a UX Audit

The past decade has witnessed enterprise IT being woken up from its state of stupor, and the awakening is ongoing. It is evolving to…

Hey, UX designer. Do you play Scrabble?

How to design better with lessons from a board game

Empathizing with Developers

A UX/UI student tries her hand at front-end development

The 10 best UX laws and principles

There are many User Experience principles and laws that a Designer should always look to follow. In this article, we’ve chosen a handful…


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