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Nick Babich

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Onboarding Experiences for Designers

Onboarding experiences are of course, a subject matter upon which a multitude of articles have been devoted to. These articles typically…

My Little Secret to Succeeding Design Interviews

This won’t be about “how to make a perfect portfolio” or “Getting into the perfect dream job”. Instead, I would like to point out one best…

7 Must have plugins for Adobe XD

Adobe XD a prototyping tool that enables designers to design and prototype websites and apps without code. The tool capabilities can be…

7 Tips To Organize Colors for UI Design

Colors matter. Colors are one of the most important building blocks of any interface (along with typography and space). They have a…

Build a UX Knowledge System for Yourself

How to know where to develop

Redesigning LaPower, a running community & lifestyle website — a UX case study

A responsive website redesigned, with a low budget, ready to get ideas across languages and cultures.

Filing a complaint — A UX case study

Redesign of the Help Desk portal of IIITA.

Analogous Colors and Color Wheel

Colours signify Life. Areas on the earth that nature with life, ocean, river, forest, mountain, and jungles represent the natural colours…

All the Small Things: How Not To Annoy Your Mobile Users

Mobile app users are complicated, impatient, and will delete an app even over a minor annoyance. Here’s how to avoid their pet peeves.

Confidence is the key to being a successful designer

There will be times where you don’t present a design as well as you thought or you didn’t think through a design. As a designer starting…


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