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Nick Babich

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Welcome to the Museum of the Future

How to use Future Casting to design for a world to come

Where do you want to work from today?

A vision of the future office, where work spaces become automated services. How should a fully flexible work space be designed?

Why you should design for peak experience?

When you Google the definition of peak experience, this is the first thing that pops up:

Notes from Microsoft Design Day 2019 —  Open for business

Design Day is a day of community and training dedicated to the design-minded at Microsoft. The goal is to bring design teams together to…

Credibility in Design

The topic of credibility in Design has been lulling in my mind for quite some time. In part due to a series of professional experiences…

UX vs Service Design: What’s The Difference?

It’s the tip vs the iceberg.

17 Things You Should Give up If You Want To Be a Successful UX Designer

Get good at ‘giving up’ to focus on the important stuff

How Design Thinking can help to organize team workflow in more effective way? Case study.

Nowadays, Design Thinking is an eye opener, the simple way to get better.  But, Design Thinking can be also used as a solution to find a…


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