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Nick Babich

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Current And Possible Future Effects Of Automation On The Design Industry

The very word “automation” mainly causes two totally polar types of reactions: a sheer excitement and curiosity about how it could…

Networking for Product Designers

At Plant, we have always emphasized the importance of networking for product designers, and this is for a reason — your network determines…

Tinythoughts journal app redesign — A UI/UX case study

As a person who tries to maintain a daily journal, I have tried a lot of tools that haven’t been useful and one day I came across this app.

Smart UI — how to improve UX by adapting to the user

Personalization is one of the digital trends of 2020–and it’s not only about the content but also UI. A case study on smartphone keyboards.

5 Useful Chrome Extensions for Designers

After 10 years, these are the ones I actually use

Adding a feature to Medium

Inbox & Direct Messaging

Weekly Micro-Interactions #17

A curated list of UI Interactions done right.

Can we actually design better things?

A retrospect on using data and behavioural analysis in user research, the AI way.


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