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How AI Can Impact Mobile App Development and User Experience

Over the past decade, Mobile apps and User Experience has changed completely. First, we used to have simple apps that did very little. But…

Simple Logo Design Principles: Lesson from Nike Logo

Taking a rapid overview of all brilliant logos, we can hardly find out a single logo in a complicated layout. Simple logo design takes…

Issues with legacy technology

Over the years, legacy systems have been questioned on their rigid infrastructure requirements, complex licensing rules, immobility…

Why it is hard to understand customer needs, and how to do it faster.

After spending over a year trying to understand our customer needs, and not quite figuring them out, a.k.a — building a startup, here’s…

Why direct to consumer brands make perfect gift ideas

The rise of e-commerce has created an entirely new category of brands that focuses on selling to consumers directly through online…

Digital design trends 2020

We have looked through Awwwards ratings, which reflect the best solutions in modern digital design. Also, we have collected our experience…

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