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Gnosis, Digitized

Where does the internet fit into the history of knowledge? And what does this mean for AI that learns from the web?

Designing an ATM for thevisually impaired

A Product Manager interview can be of any flavor. From design, hypothesis, metrics, or your favorite product features, anything can become…

6 Reason Why You Should Take up a UX Program

Let's break down the different things you should think about as you explore various programs, how to research those additional programs…

What is responsive design: an introduction

What is responsive design and why is it so important? What does it look like? Read on to get close and personal with a star in the UX game.

Designer as the enabler

Not to forget that we still live on Earth. I aspire to transform the way things are set because I believe there is always a way for a…

GoPark — An UI/UX Case Study

By degree I’ll be an Petroleum Engineer, but that’s not what I want to pursue as my career. I was always passionate about designing and in…

11 Realities on Finding Your First Job

What nobody told me about the ‘Etiquette’

Sell Your Story First, The Product Comes Second — Always

I was laying in bed last night scrolling through Instagram like a zombie, like we all do.

How Motion UI/UX Helps to Increase Attention Span of Users

Today’s world entirely relies on the web. Users are on the web all the time for googling every small unknown thing or doing online…


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