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Top 10 Useful Apps For Designers

Need to Design Something Specific — Try out these Apps.

Life-Long Experimentation

Long Time no writing, hope to get back to this gradually though. So many things just require your attention as you grow older and Netflix…

UI/UX Case Study: BimaPe Landing Page Redesign

📌In this case study, I’m going to articulate my process of redesigning a landing page of the BimaPe website. I will share my process…

How to create a download button micro-interaction?

One of the significant fun of using technology comes through user engagement. An extraordinary experience means more than just usability —…

5 Time-Wasters to Avoid as a New UX/UI Designer

Don’t want to waste your newfound free time, do you?

How To Improve Registration & Sign In Process

12 practical recommendations for product creators

Post-Its, how it saved the sanity of a UX Designer in Pandemic life — 3M

Life is complex and hence our decision-making. Multitasking, need to hyper-focus, distracted genre, Post-Its are a powerful tool in UX and…


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