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Jon Moore

Senior Design Partner at www.innovatemap.com in Indianapolis, and co-founder of www.uxpower.tools. Contact me for writing opportunities at 1jonmoore@gmail.com.

Christian Beck

By day, executive designer at Innovatemap where I help tech companies design marketable products. By night, co-founder of UX Power Tools.

Latest Posts

An Unnecessarily Detailed Look at the Design of the Login Screen

Login is possibly the most boring afterthought of any design project and it’s possible that you won’t read past this sentence as a result.

The Best Product Design Team Blogs, (Updated for 2019)

A couple years ago I gathered the best design teams on Medium. I wanted to update the list (and expand out beyond just looking at Medium)…

Ways to Design Account Switchers & App Switchers

Christian Beck wrote an incredibly thorough article about the UX behind switching accounts in digital products, so I decided to ride the…

Breaking Down the UX of Switching Accounts in Web Apps

One of the most overlooked UX challenges is how to handle allowing a user to switch accounts. I know this because I’ve designed for it a…

10 Basic Tips to Creating a Design System from Scratch

I’ve been critical of design systems in the past (and still am), but there’s no doubt that design systems are here to stay. They help UX…

How to Design With Ethics

If you’re looking for a proper definition of design ethics, then you’ll be disappointed. If you are, however, looking for the opinion of…

5 Things Designers Should Spend Time On Besides Your Design Portfolio

The design portfolio has amazingly elbowed its way into becoming the single most valuable piece of work a designer must create and…

Design Systems, Sprint Weeks and other UX Snake Oils

If you clicked on this article because the title got your blood boiling, then go make a cup of chamomile tea. It doesn’t get much better…

Become a Successful Design Leader by Being More Persuadable

In the book “Persuadable,” Al Pittampalli argues that people must be open to persuasion in order to become great leaders. He dispels of…

10 Qualities of Highly Effective Designers

How to be, or hire, the best designer possible.


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