GVCdium is a place to discuss the business of VC. Its goal is to facilitate a better understanding of the work behind every deal and valuation - lifting the veil on an industry that often plays its cards close to the chest. To submit a story, email admin@goingvc.com

Anthony Bellafiore

Seed & Early Stage VC | Chief Operating Officer @ GoingVC

John Gannon

CEO and Cofounder of BEMAVEN

Bram Berkowitz

Writing about banks, stocks, and startups. Frequently published in The Motley Fool and Rhode Island Inno. Co-founder of The Buzz.



Vish Banerjee

New York based VC, technology enthusiast and Brit. All opinions are my own.

Austen L.

Angsty millennial (and proud) — hopeless romantic — explorer of self.


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