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Lan Anh Vu

Entrepreneur, interviewer @Lananh_Vuova

Latest Posts

5 ways to pivot your business from disaster to opportunity

Previously published in the Phoenix Business Journal

Creating A Successful Go To Market Strategy For An AI Tech Company

Ali Khaloo is a first-time founder and CEO of Aren, a company that uses artificial intelligence to inspect and analyze infrastructure…

Don’t Leave Your Transformation to Chance

I’ve been at this CX thing since early 2014. Having almost seven years of experience in the space with roles including tech, services, and…

Corporate Fire Drills — And How to Stop Them

In my last article, I introduced this series of articles on why enterprise transformations fail or why corporations can’t and won’t change…

Marketing Isn’t (Just) About Marketing Any More

It’s Marketing, Jim. Just not as we know it.

After 30 Years Fixing Doomed Enterprise Projects, This Is What I Found

I’ve now spent over thirty years in and out of roles that are about fixing what’s broken in global businesses. From Fortune 500s to…

The Absence of Desire = Happiness

“Happiness is a direction, not a place.”

How to Pivot Your Business & Survive. Right Now.

Unprecedented times requires unprecedented responses. Companies and their people are facing rare challenges and there is no certainty that…

How Corona shapes society

We’re amid a conflict that forces us to to find a balance between isolation and staying safe. Washing our hands, wearing masks and keeping…

COVID-19: Why Having A Marketing Plan Is More Important Than Ever

None of us know what the next 12 months have in store in terms of social distancing, mask-wearing, or vaccines. Regardless of that…


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