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Dominic Campbell

CEO @FutureGov and MD Health and Public Services at The Panoply | Designing Public Services for the Digital Age

Ben Holliday

Chief Design Officer, FutureGov / also find me at hollidazed.co.uk

Matthew Skinner

Managing Director @futuregov interested in all things #localgov #opendata #digital #design

Latest Posts

8 provocations for designing the future of health and care services

Eight provocations to help you identify problems and shape opportunities in health and care.

Citizens, Assemble!

This post was co-written with Tom Wastling, Designer at FutureGov

Supporting people to adopt

Helping people get the information they need to make their adopting dreams a reality.

FGX Goals — What does positively different really mean?

Recently we launched our FGX Goals. Five goals that describe the experience of working with FutureGov. They provide a clear target for us…

FGX Goals — What does ‘Energising’ really mean?

We bring the passion, energy and creativity needed to make change happen.

We’re declaring a climate and ecological emergency

Radically rethinking, again, what it means to be a 21st-century organisation to meet the crisis we’ve imposed on our planet.

Welcoming Lesley Seary to the board

Lesley Seary joins FutureGov as Non-Executive Director

FGX Goals — making sure we deliver the FutureGov experience.

Whether working with our clients, recruiting, running events or running our business, these goals describe what the experience should be.

Service designers: stop dreaming, start implementing

Don’t worry! Of course, being a dreamer is good — as a service designer, you have to be able to imagine what could be, think outside all…

Week notes 9: the end marks new beginnings - a summary of our journey

2 September 2019, written by Joanna Choukeir, Health Director at FutureGov


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