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Dominic Campbell

CEO @FutureGov | Designing Public Services for the Digital Age

Matthew Skinner

Managing Director @futuregov interested in all things #localgov #opendata #digital #design

Ben Holliday

Chief Design Officer, FutureGov / also find me at hollidazed.co.uk

Latest Posts

Designing for Transitions

Consolidating the gains, liberating our imaginations and investing in the journey and transition ahead of us, to build better public…

Developing Hackney Opportunities by engaging residents in a crisis

Supporting Hackney Council to build on their existing employment services.

Transitioning to councils as a platform for community action

Our organisations and local partnerships should be seen as communities of people connected virtually around purpose and place.

Designing prevention-led student support services with The University of York

The cycles of student life are easy to predict and often repeat, which presents an opportunity to provide support before problems arise.

The practical implementation of AI in health and care

Lessons from implementing AI solutions for organisational change

How to build a service directory with data standards

Working with Buckinghamshire Council to implement a service directory in a new data standard

Communities Driving Change: what resilience looks like in practice

Supporting CDC’s community engagement expertise, design and systems thinking as they increase their impact in local places.

Creating alternative processes for increased autonomy and decision-making

Introducing new processes to support culture change around decision-making with Trafford Council

Supporting people to adopt: one year on

12 months later we revisit Adoption Ready and our work with Buckinghamshire Council to improve the experience of prospective adopters

Introducing the Institute of Impossible Ideas

Join us on this journey to create radically-disruptive public services, driven by public entrepreneurs and owned by public bodies.


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