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We believe there's a macro shift toward a new way of work today - one focused on a movement towards meaning. WeWork Technology is proud to be is accelerating this movement. Interested in joining? https://www.wework.com/careers/department/technology

Harish Krishna

Passionate about Machine Learning, Scalable Systems, Front End & building high performing teams

Veena Basavaraj

Interested in Aliens, Ex Linkedin and Uber Staff, Leadership @wework currently and loves building sustainable engineering teams and farming for a vocation

Latest Posts

Adventures in static typing: React, Redux, Flow, oh my.

One of the largest single-page apps at WeWork consists of roughly 140K lines of code. A myriad of React components connected with Redux…

Meetup x WeWork, a Retrospective One Year Later

In November 2017, WeWork acquired Meetup. Among the many exciting opportunities that the acquisition affords is the possibility of…

Choosing a (Language) Stack

This post and the experiment was a collaborative effort by Michael Farinacci (Load Testing), Nick Gordon (Ruby), Iain McGinniss (Kotlin)…

Our API Specification Workflow

A year ago we started trying to figure out the best way to not just document HTTP APIs, but to leverage API specifications to avoid…

5 steps for fearless refactoring

You’ve just been paroled from your bi-weekly planning session and you’re frothing at the mouth to Write. Some. Code. You snatch the…

Meet, Eat, Scale, Repeat

How lunch can help preserve relationships in your hyper-growing team

6 ways to screw up when on-boarding software engineers

Do you want to make new engineers joining your team miserable? This post is for you. Want them to be effective and happy? Also for you.

Reading Redux? Easy!

When I first read the Redux docs and went over the great tutorial, I understood the basic idea and how to “get things to work with the…

Introducing Freeze Tag: A gem for a more “stateless” tagging experience

Check it out on Github: https://github.com/wework/freeze-tag

Secret Versioning in Hashicorp’s Vault

One of the major hurdles WeWork has had to overcome with Hashicorp’s Vault project is its lack of versioning of secrets you write to and…


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