Wikitongues is a non-profit platform for every language in the world.


We are building the first complete living archive of every language in the world, collecting video oral histories and documentation. #languageRights

Daniel Bögre Udell

Co-founder at @wikitongues and Spring ’19 TED Resident. Write me in English, Spanish, Catalan, or Portuguese.

Kristen Tcherneshoff

I should separate my work and personal Medium account at some point. Until then, here’s a strange combination of linguistics, activism, & all my life stories.

Raanan J Robertson

Linguistics | Culture | Politics | Economics | Futures | Histories | Shared Narratives | Minds | Bodies |

Latest Posts

Qapla’! How the successful adaption of lexicon from fictional media genres has led to a…

Part 2 of the series focusing on language etymological origins from fictional cultures and genres.

FX. Ngawan: A Story of Hyperpolyglot from Borneo Island

(FX. Ngawan: Kisah Seorang Hyperpolyglot dari Pulau Kalimantan)


How the successful adaption of lexicon from fictional media genres has led to a Eucatastrophe of linguistic evolution in world languages.

Write Our World — Revitalizing language through ebook authoring

What would it be like to have an online space where kids around the world could learn about human diversity directly from one another…

Get Involved with #IYIL2019



How to share your language online

The International Year of Indigenous Languages Social Media Campaign

On Monday, January 28th, our world’s first International Year dedicated to Indigenous Languages was launched from the United Nations…

Wikitongues Methodological Approaches to Documentation of Languages

In order to build inclusive knowledge in our societies, preserve cultural heritage, and mobilize political will to work towards global…

Meet our Volunteers: Hardeep

Growing up in India, the myriad of distinctive cultures has always fascinated me.

Answering Your Most Common Questions About Sign Languages

How many sign languages are there in the world?


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