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Defenders is committed to the sustainable conservation of wildlife for future generations.

Defenders of Wildlife

Defenders works on the ground, in the courts and on Capitol Hill to protect and restore imperiled wildlife across North America.

Latest Posts

Wolf Delisting is Premature and not Based in Science

The gray wolf is an inextricable part of the cultural and ecological landscape of the west. Once driven almost to extinction in the…

Protecting the Russian River

At 11:59 pm June 10th, 2019, fishermen and women jostled elbow to elbow along the Russian and Kenai Rivers, poised to cast their line at…

Broken but not Defeated: Lessons Learned from the Oregon Wolf Conservation and Management Plan

The development and the adoption of the latest Oregon Wolf Conservation and Management Plan (Wolf Plan) is perhaps one of the best examples…

Electric Fence Project for Improved Human-Bear Coexistence

Alaska is an extraordinary place to live, work and recreate for many reason, including that every day in Alaska’s summer and fall is a…

California Legislative Priorities

Last month, the United Nations released a report that found that approximately 1 million animal and plant species are now threatened with…

A Model Example of Community-Based Conservation

Earlier this year, to honor our incredible wildlife and the heritage of living alongside them in harmony, Defenders declared 2019 the year…

Rescue Mission: Saving Salamanders from Destruction

A few months ago, I received sad news that some very important salamander habitat was about to be crushed!

Field Notes: Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery Efforts May 2019

We have some amazing interns working on Mexican gray wolf recovery efforts who are instrumental in every step of the process, from field…

Spring is for Salamanders

Did you know that the Southern Appalachians are home to the most biologically diverse salamander population in the entire world and spring…

Bear Awareness in the North Cascades

Since 2014, the Federal Government has been exploring options to bring grizzly bears back to the North Cascades. Ever since then, people…


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