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Transformative companies reimagining every sector of the global economy.

Gabe Kleinman

father of daughters. portfolio services + marketing @obviousvc.

James Joaquin

#worldpositive investor @ Obvious Ventures (and the former CEO @ Xmarks, Xoom, & Ofoto)

Latest Posts

The Revenge of Brick-and-Mortar

Basic market math suggests that our services economy is on the doorstep of a transformation. Will investors step up?

The Experience Economy as a Societal Solution

What constitutes the number one fear of young people today? Loneliness. Loneliness rates in the us have doubled in the last 50 years, and…

The Frictionless Future

Urban infrastructure brings us closer to exponentially better living.

The Rise of Purpose-Driven Marketplaces

An inspiring purpose, curated convenience, and thoughtful personalization is their recipe for success.

Industrial IQ: Where High Tech Meets Low Tech

Tech is breaking out of the Silicon Valley sandbox, transforming traditional, trillion-dollar industries in the process.

A Tale of Two Cities, 2030 Edition

A great migration forces an existential question for the modern metropolis: how might startups upgrade urban living over the next ten years?

A Sea Change in Seafood

XpertSea Co-founder and CEO Valerie Robitaille is transforming aquaculture systems with technology, and making it a family affair.

A Boon for Business, Creating a Windfall for Causes

Boon Supply founder and CEO Lily Kanter takes e-commerce consciously to the next level.

The Top Ten World Positive Stories of 2018

Just in time to restore your faith in the world.

Food Is Medicine, and Neka Pasquale Wants to be Your Doctor.

The story behind Urban Remedy founder Neka Pasquale’s quest to deliver a sensual, colorful, and healing experience with food.


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