World Positive

Reimagining trillion-dollar sectors through a world positive lens.

Gabe Kleinman

father of daughters. portfolio services + marketing @obviousvc.

James Joaquin

#worldpositive investor @ Obvious Ventures (and the former CEO @ Xmarks, Xoom, & Ofoto)

Latest Posts

Why We Work

How might we design a better toolkit for professional transformation in this new world?

Human-Centered Finance

Millions more Americans are in financial distress today. It’s time to rewrite the personal finance playbook, with purpose.

Reimagining ESG Reporting For Startups

Introducing Obvious’ first ever World Positive Report

Seeking Social Salvation

Can connection, compassion, and community cure our digitally distracted mindsets?

Finding Wealth in Health

Why the next great consumer company will be a health-focused platform.

Risk Rewards

Insurtech providers are set to play an increasingly critical role in making civil society more resilient today.

These Robots Learn. Meet Their Teacher.

Dexterity CEO Samir Menon draws on neuroscience, mathematics, and computer science to build robots of the future, today. He’s also a poet.

The Persuasion Equation

A marketing playbook for early-stage technical founders and teams

Delightful Board Meetings

A recipe for effective and enjoyable startup board meetings

The Gratification Migration

Dissecting dopamine’s dominance on consumer decision-making.


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