World Positive

Reimagining trillion-dollar sectors through a world positive lens.

Gabe Kleinman

father of daughters. portfolio services + marketing @obviousvc.

James Joaquin

#worldpositive investor @ Obvious Ventures (and the former CEO @ Xmarks, Xoom, & Ofoto)

Meera Clark

Consumer Investor @ Obvious Ventures • Previously, Morgan Stanley x Stanford • Reach me @

Latest Posts

Identity-Aligned Interventions

A more inclusive healthcare system is emerging. It’s time to accelerate the change.

Making Healthcare a 24/7 Affair

Anytime, anywhere care → improved outcomes at lower costs

Solving VC’s ESG Puzzle

Upstream investment strategy remains the greatest lever for impact downstream.

Welcome To (the New) Wall Street

Today’s retail rebalancing is enabling a first-of-its-kind, broad base of long-term wealth creation. It’s about time.

Unsub Optimal

Best practices for respectful email marketing

We Have Entered the Climate Decade

A long boom of climate tech is just getting started

Why We Work

How might we design a better toolkit for professional transformation in this new world?

Human-Centered Finance

Millions more Americans are in financial distress today. It’s time to rewrite the personal finance playbook, with purpose.

Reimagining ESG Reporting For Startups

Introducing Obvious’ first ever World Positive Report

Seeking Social Salvation

Can connection, compassion, and community cure our digitally distracted mindsets?


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