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West Coast Correspondent, Yahoo News.

Daniel Klaidman

Deputy Editor of Yahoo News, former Newsweeker and author of Kill or Capture, on Barack Obama's war on terror.

Jason Sickles

National Reporter, Yahoo News

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Latest Posts

Clinton’s former rivals to her skeptics: Get over it — we did

PHILADELPHIA — How do you solve a problem like Hillary?

So long, Sanders. It’s Clinton’s convention now.

PHILADELPHIA — At first it was about him. And then, finally, it was about her.

An uneasy détente after drama on DNC’s opening day. Will it last?

PHILADELPHIA — In back-to-back speeches Monday, America’s two most popular progressives — Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Vermont…

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is out — and the convention hasn’t even started.

PHILADELPHIA — A fight to free the delegates. Melania plagiarizing Michelle. “Lock Her Up!” Ted Cruz refusing to endorse. And Donald Trump…

‘I alone can fix it’: What Trump’s speech revealed about the future of the GOP

CLEVELAND — When Donald Trump took to the stage of the Quicken Loans Arena to deliver his nomination acceptance speech, he was hoping for a…

RNC Day Four — The ‘Boos Cruz’ Edition

CLEVELAND — The official theme of the penultimate night of the Republican National Convention was “Make America First Again.”

‘Lock her up! Lock her up!’

CLEVELAND — “You won’t believe it.”

A dark and stormy night

CLEVELAND — Well, that was … bleak.

In a blockbuster Rules Committee battle, the GOP establishment crushes insurgents seeking to dump…

CLEVELAND — The meeting was supposed to last for two full days. But instead of recessing for the night and returning Friday, an…


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